“Hallo Buddy-Buddy!” – old side profile things whatever

6 Jun

“Easily Distracted”

“”Train of Thought + Madness/Quirkiness + Sims + Still Meezletoe’s Blog… …+Equations”

This blog has my sim story which won’t be updated soon, and also random thoughts from my insane brain. Please hang around for further weirdness from me. ^^
Here is some Cheezletoe personality trivia that you don’t care about:
*Most likely Blood Type B
*Sun Sign is Cancer (water)
*Moon Sign is Aquarius (air)
*Rising Sign is Sagittarius (fire)
*Shortly before I’d found out about the last two, I realized that every Sagittarius I’d ever met were weird or crazy or both.
*I think it’s funny that none of those were earth signs.
*I think astrology is crap.
*I think astrology is fun.
*I like blaming people’s actions on their zodiac sign. I’ll randomly say things like “PSSSH, CAPRICORN” or “YOUR AQUARIUS IS SHOWING!” Especially as a non sequitur.
*Since I was really obsessed with zodiac-related crap in middle school, I now have a bunch of useless zodiac-related trivia floating around my head. But not as much as the hardcore fans.
*I still don’t really get what half of the signs are supposed to be. Especially earth signs. Most people I know are Capricorns but the only thing I think when I try to define it is “government” and “responsible.”
*Earth-element things are always difficult to describe and as a result comes off as boring.
*Numerology – character/methods is 3, heart/motives is 7, social/appearances is 5.
*Chinese zodiac – Water Monkey. If you click my icon, it’ll take you to the profile for it, even though I hadn’t read it when I posted it.
*In reality, occult shit tends to freak me out.

“There’s enough vanity on this page to power a thousand lightbulbs!”

Sam's mnemonic for me:
 It'd be Cheezletoe instead
 though - little SimPass
 inside joke,
 *laughs to self somewhat
 Sims 3 Traits I'd pick
 for myself if there were
 no limits:
 * Heavy Sleeper
 * Evil
 * Bookworm
 * Clumsy
 * Loner
 * Insane
 * Friendly
 * Absent-Minded
 * Neurotic
 * Excitable
 * Good sense of Humor
 * Unflirty

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