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29 Jun

Un-High-Tech Poll Changed Randomally and Whenever I Feel Like It:

New Poll Made 8-01-10.

This poll was made 9-30-09:

It seems most people agree that I am insane.

I originally joined WordPress to read roBurky’s Alice and Kev Sims 3 Legacy/Story. I’ve been here for a year now, ranting about nothing and randomly updating my sim story. I’m also Meezletoe on TheSims3.com and Livejournal (nothings there, I don’t use it at all XD. I’m willing to use it for commenting, but I prefer this site, it’s much more cleaner and organized). I think I made a blogspot to comment someone, but since I’m unsure if I even have one…XD;; I also have a deviantArt account which I expect to be using more this year. ^^

I’d said I didn’t know what sort of blog this might be if I remained dedicated to it, and that I’d hope I’d stick to it, but now I know exactly what sort of a blog this is (a ridiculous one). I know I’m not going to delete it because I’d recently been contemplating doing so and I couldn’t do it XD. Instead I made a bunch of posts I didn’t like (mainly some sim ones) private. And so, I will continue it. This was originally a blog that sort of revolved around sims, but it turned into a blog that also included my own brain waves. Now I don’t think I’m going to be talking about sims as much anymore, since I’m going to start university soon, and my laptop isn’t the one with sims installed on it ^^;. My sim story probably won’t be updated anytime soon. Here is some weirdness now.


My icon-Gravatar is no longer a picture of an old lady taking a bath. ♥ Not that it ever was. If you were here, mention it no more. -.- The post still exists though [go ahead and search it – if you have firefox, you might see the icon in the tab].

If you’re here to read My Sim’s Story, click the Chapters link under ‘Pages’ in the sidebar. There’s also a category for it that will show you the latest post. If you want to read my blog, click on Blog-a-Rooni. My Sim Story is there too, but if you click on the Not My Sim Story category, you’ll see everything except for the sim story entries.

Here’s a slide show of most of the sims I’ve made…IN HIGH QUALITY! I couldn’t keep that setting cause it was lagging paaainfully, but I tried it out for a short while 🙂 Man, I wish I could keep it like that….Anyway, the slide show lags too, but click it if you want.

WOOOOTYou don’t have to. But there’re a bunch of freaks in there. (this is inducement?!)

Click me because I’m beautiful:

The future of Emerald Harbor is a bit uncertain now since the gang is a bit busy and such, but we might continue it eventually – check for an update around wintertime, maybe. Thats just me making a prediction. I’m psychic, you know.

“And here’s a legacy I just made! As of 12/27/09 anyway. At 5:38 in the morning. I have to wake up soon actually. I should sleep.”

I got a lot of views and rec’s for this actually 🙂 It made me happy ^^ But like I said, going to uni XD So this was irresponsible of me. I’d rather continue my old sim episodes thing, but since I like how she looks here I’m keeping it. I feel ashamed of myself XD.

It seems all I’ve offered you is unfinished projects ^^;;;. I’m definitely an irresponsible person XD. Please don’t rely on me for anything. Also, my mom has blood type B [though she doesn’t act like it] so I’m probably type B too [I do act like it – my dad could be either A or B]. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please disregard this.


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