Introductions to the…Anything Goes Legacy!

2 Jul


This is the Strong Household.


Nice house, isn’t it?  8)

Don’t worry, you’ll get to see most of it later.

I designed it myself too. ♥


I had to turn Free Will off just to make them stay seated. -_-


These are the girls of the household.


And these are the guys.


The girls are pretty much just remakes of my past Sims that I’ve made, though I’ve kept their names. I wanted them to look more realistic for this story, since I keep making weird Sims.

The guys are totally brand new.


I have set up a vague purpose for the Anything Goes Legacy. I’m curious to see which Sims end up together, and what sort of kids they end up with. It’ll be a sort of experiment for me. However, as the Divine Narrator, I will move the story in anyway which I see fit. For the most part though, I’ll try to remain hands off. I have decided on certain rules though, to make this story more interesting for you. One of which is I won’t tell you what traits the characters have (although some of their traits will be pretty obvious to guess). You’ll find out more later, I guess.


The story is: These students are all roommates in college (or university). Due to the charity of a certain Sim’s wealthy family, they managed to end up moving out of their parent’s house, and into this awesome and expensive domain here.

And now for the introductions.


This is Krystal Strong.

Her’s is the wealthy family that graciously lent them this house in order to provide the best college experience for their daughter. Originally, it had been meant for Krystal and her friends, but most of the people she deemed appropriate to live with her were either going to different (and possibly less expensive) schools, or reluctant to share a household with her for some reason. So, she severed her relationship with them and invited some people she thought would feel more grateful to her for her charity (and besides if someone from such a high-class family stayed alone, they’d be deemed a hermit. This Sim is definitely a socialite).


This is Danzella Meezletoe.

After a long struggle with her ability to cope with reality, and much psychotherapy, she was able to change her outlook on life and became a whole new person. Though some traces of her previous habits remain, she is able to function in society much more easily now, and has even discovered a few of her previously dormant talents as well. She is also very grateful towards Krystal for this opportunity to start a new life, and in such a convenient house as well.


This is Kriss Sparks. She was one of the ‘friends’ of Krystal who was offered a room here, though Kriss is starting to regret making this choice. She had just met Danzella when Krystal approached her with this opportunity, and without discussing it with Danzella, she quickly agreed to move in under the condition that her ‘best friend’ here be given a room as well. However, Danzella had no complaints, and Kriss was relieved to not be the only other girl there alone with Krystal.


This is Bobby. I hate him.

For some reason, he annoys me. Maybe it’s his face, I don’t know. As revenge for him making me dislike him for no apparent reason, I gave him the last name ‘Bloom.’

Krystal’s family wanted her to have a diverse household, and this guy managed to get a spot. He’s skilled in the art of sucking-up.


This is Andrew Mipp. I like him. I don’t know whether or not that’s reflected in the last name though. For some reason, when I was testing this out, he kept taking an interest in Danzella. Will that happen again in this version? We’ll see…. :\

Screenshot- 15

This is Jimmy Marlow. Nobody knows how he got a room here. Nobody knows why he’s here. He’s just here.


This is the Kid.

Who’s kid he/she is or what he/she is doing there, I will tell you not. At least not now, anyway.


Here’s the first floor.

I had been playing the girls (as they currently look in my studio) to test out the game and wanted them to have kids after they had fulfilled their lifetime goal.

I didn’t want to deal with downloading a house and forgetting who had made it in case I decided to make a legacy. So I made them their own house. And then I made them their own guys (I hadn’t set out exactly who’s would be who’s). After playing them for a while I figured that I’d start a legacy, remodeled them to look a little more realistic, and started over.




And this is the Garage. The cars belong to the girls 8).


Yeah, I know, I’m not the best when it comes to designing houses or whatever, but I’m still impressed with it since it’s the first house I’ve made on TS3, and the first house I’ve ever made on the Sims period with the thought in my head to not make it totally ridiculous. So if you sensed any arrogance in this post relating to the house, just keep in mind – The Divine Narrator is an Ego-maniac. 😉


So, that’s all for the introductions.

I don’t think I’ll be as wordy in the future (no guarantees. I am trying to keep things simple though. Like roBurky. 😀 We’re engaged, you know.)

By the way, I realized I had sort of messed up on some of the traits and etc., so I went back to CAS and re-did them. One of the problems was that the girls were set to age in 3 days. So, these pics are just the introduction or beta version of them, traits-wise. They’re going to look exactly the same, although Kid’s outfit has changed. The next chapter is when it really begins.



(not really doom)


  • They are starting off money-wise with 12, 751 simoleans.
Krystal’s parents agreed to pay for the bills, but that’s all, so I might be using kaching for the bills.
Cause that’s what parents are.
Joke. The Divine Narrator has a soul, don’t worry.
  • I’ll tell you the lifetime traits whenever an opportunity to tell you a certain Sim’s emerges. Or you’ll just figure it out. No plan there.

♥ That’s all! ♥


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