Career Update on Anything Goes- Day One

4 Jul


Krystal joined the Culinary Field.

A bit strange for a socialite who’s parents are in Business, don’t you think? :\Careers (2)

Kriss joined the Medical Field. It’s been her dream since she was a kid, and now she’s finally able to work at fulfilling it. 🙂Careers (3)

Andrew expressed the desire to join the Military track, which was not what I had planned on, though I reluctantly gave it to him.

However he soon had the wish to buy a guitar and learn a guitar skill, so that sort of cheered me up a bit. 🙂Careers (4)

Danzella also joined the Medical Field. Hooray, partners! 😀

Though, her car…. -_-;Careers (5)

Bobby took a job in Athletics.

But nobody cares about Bobby. Especially me.

Shun Bloom.

Shun him.

Careers (6)

😎 <(?)


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