16 Jul

Totally forgot. Well, not really. I forgot, then remembered, but then I was late for something, but anyways, now it’s here.

So here you go. 😀 ^_^

Ta-da!! I’m sorry. I have issues. I should make another one for you organized folks. 😉

Tch. Fine, here. You know, I spoil ya. :\

I was really tempted to put ‘depends.’

If you feel like it, please comment also. 🙂


Random Information About Stuff That’s Happening Where I Am Now: The blogger sighs inwardly as they realize that they have no descriptive-creative word juice currently in their system, and then suddenly sneezes.

edit: Man. Why can’t I center the polls? Or allign it…however you say it. 😮


I herby declare the EDIT section eternally present –

future edits can be made without referring to it as a separate edit,

so long as the edit made is done so in the edit section.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Cooltext.com = win. 😉

Omigosh is a less girly form of oh my gosh. Here’s proof:


This post is getting unorganized. I leave you now. Adieu. 😉


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