Ritual N00bish Whoops of the Month – July

18 Jul

Note the warning directly above the “submit” button. ^^;

I hope you know that I *do* tend to overreact like that in real life. I’m surprised that most people haven’t ever screamed “NOOOOOO!!” by impulse before (as opposed to acting a scene out or mimicking a movie). If I don’t say the word ‘nooo..” I’m still yelling AAAGH or some equivalent of that.

Examples of when I use this:

  • When there’s no milk in the house (dairy addict)
  • When I can’t find something.
  • When I’ve made a mistake or told somebody something wrong but it’s too late. I really freak out when this happens. 😦
  • When somebody pwns me.
    • Infinite list of examples I don’t want to bother putting in writing. 😥
  • When something hilarious happens but I’m the target of the joke. Only when it’s hilarious or makes sense I think. I yell “NOOOO!” and they think it’s funny.

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