My Favorite Sims3 Legacies!!

20 Jul

For some reason, these haven’t been featured on the Sims 3 site, even though they’re insanely popular, so I decided to feature them myself! Even though no one is watching. XD

The Jaxie Legacy, by Nikkstarrr11.

Most funniest blog that’s not without drama. 🙂 And also, she has an awesome custom cover too. 😉 I like the convo’s she has with her sims and Parker pretty much just pwns.

The FIRST Sims 3 Legacy!, by GRAYCURSE.

Most views ever, not counting the “Little Girl Lost” story (which isn’t bad, mind you, I’ve read the first two chapters), but that one was featured. Graycurse’s legacy really is the first Sims 3 Legacy and the most popular (with Nikkistarr11’s being the second-most popular).

Mm. I’m advertising for other’s in her own section. ><

Ok, ok. Well…I’m trying to explain it. You get to see other family members throughout the stories, and you get familiar with them too, so it’s not like they suddenly vaporize or anything. They’re still involved in the story in small ways, even though they aren’t the heirs or whatever. Like you get to see cousins, and grandkids and stuff, so it’s a big family. I don’t know, I just think that’s nice, and she lets you know who they are too. It’s easy to follow and there’s some drama, and she incorporates their traits in the story too. Every legacy heir has a different personality than the previous ones, so the tone isn’t like..static. Hooray! ^^ (also, it’s funny too).

The Film Legacy, by EmilyBee.

Her Sim Page-

I dunno, I just kinda like it! 😀 (high-pitched sing-song voice~♪). It’s the most easiest to read and follow and all of her characters  make me laugh. They’re interesting people.

Ok, now I’m getting tired of writing. -_- It’s 2AM dammit.

The Uglacy, by Mattandphilsims2.

His Sim’s Page-

His Legacy Website-

The point of this legacy is to make the sims as ugly as possible by the end of 10 generation by only marrying already in-game sims, and the sim we vote on being the ugliest wins the Uglacy. And I Like Stella. And the narrator is hilarious!! The tone is amazing too……..*sleepy* Z_Z (sleepy eyes)

Here, I’ll just quote him:

  • “OHMYGAWWWWDDD WHO IS THAT!!??!?!? This is one of the ugliest Sims I have ever seen!

Ron, go talk to her!”

  • “Oh my god…I think Nadine is carrying demon spawn! The whole night, she slept with her eyes open!!! AHHH!!!!”
  • “It’s time to slim down fatty! I’m tired of watching your big butt bouncing up and down every time you walk.”
  • “And two bedrooms. There are also 2 bathrooms, one downstairs and one upstairs. Woo.”
    • I dunno, I guess I just like the ‘woo’ part. ^^

Here is a spoiler quote too; it’s like a  casual but funny one that I just really want to put in. I’ll give you a picture link too. >:]

Poor Ron came running home after his promotion, only to find his mother in a jar on the table.

The picture is equally hilarious, but I can’t give you a picture link. It’s on page 69 of Chapter 6 though. 🙂

The Barton Legacy, by Galilee.

Her Sims Page-

Where her legacy actually is (also she puts other stuff, mostly related to the legacy though)-

Don’t just go straight to the page if you want to read, it’s in order of latest update. Go here:

Her stuff is funny also, Sophie is a TV drone, and CAKE. Here’s a quote:

“It should be noted now, I have never regretted buying a sim a tv.. until Sophie.. you’ll see”

Also, her house is AWESOME, and you can download it from her Sims page. And now, I’m going to SLEEP. GOOD NIGHT. *evil glare*

(I am a night person, but I’m very also very impatient…especially at night. Z_Z)

edit: OH! And Alice and Kev OF COURSE. But I’ve got links to that all over this blog, I think. I’m not gonna bother explaining that, you read it yourself, lazy. It’s about a girl and her father, and they’re homeless. It was in the Sims 3’s website on a feed thing and the roBurky guy was even interviewed about it. Go see my about me, or just click in my blogroll, it’s there. You need to read that one for yourself, it’s total awesomeness. I got another legacy in that section there that’s also nice, but I haven’t got to read many of the chapters yet (especially this month. Like I mentioned before, it’s the mysterious event. -_-)


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