LAAAST POST. Featuring the Heavenly Manor, by Allure!

21 Jul

It was for the Good vs. Evil Showcase! 

Here is Allure’s Sim page!:

Here’s the post she made!:

Here’s the story-thing she made showing the house with descriptions and stuff!:

Here’s how long it took her to make it!: “Umm, it took me about 3 weeks on and off. It took me ages to do the interior.”

Here’s how awesome she is!: Really Awesome!

Here’s what my 8-Year Old Brother said: Wow, that’s a really beautiful house.

And here’s where you can download-

And now, for some pics (all stolen from the forum post she made. Oh yeah. I’m bad to the bone.):

*shiiiing* (enter the portal)

The universe really compliments this house.

Really though, this house just made me realize what a great job EA did with the sky.

Cue the princess in the window, throwing her laced hanky down to her one true love (a.k.a. the Llama Prince)  

Nice job with the cherry blossoms EA….WHOAAA, wait a second, just realized that Allure was the one who put that tree there, aaaand all those flowers too. She is insane(-ly meticulous ♥).

Makes you kind of teary-eyed, doesn’t it?

hahaha…just wait until you get inside. You’ll be bawling.

I think I remember having a heart attack when I saw this picture. I learned a new word when I saw this too. “Gazebo.”

(nice, right? :D)

OOO! Right, when I saw this I got really excited!! Also, WOW, and also, imagine YOUR SIM gardening here. Right? You just can’t, can you? If you did the whole universe would explode. 😀

This is when my sister came in and I showed her the house up to this point.

Some Dialogue:

Sister: WHAAAAT? -_-

Me: No, no, just look.

*stare at first pic for about a minute*
Sister: No wait! wait! wait!! Nooooo…it’s too beautiful! it’s not possible! Waait!! It’s a masterpiece! *grabs face and pulls down in a I’m-melting motion*

Me: Right? If you look too long your eyes will burn.

Sister: aaaaaaugh…Oh myy gosssssh (horrified)

Me: HEY! Wait, where you going? You haven’t even seen the inside yet!

Sister: I caaaan’t…It’s too beautiful….It’s not possible….(and then something about her déjà vu being messed up).

And now she’s back, reading over my shoulder and breathing heavily with a dark scowl on her face. And ouch, she just punched me and called me a boob.

Ok, she’s looking again.

Is it a castle or a manor? (Is there a difference?)

I just imagined playing Hide and Seek here. Poor kids. They’d be lost forever. I think the flower pixies would devour them and use their life force to add to the splendor of the house. Or maybe blood, or innocence, whatever it is pixies eat.

Sister: Don’t insult it, it’s a masterpiece.

Me: This is the dining room.

Sister: OOOOH. WHOOOA. *gasp*…..Shuttup, gosh, you’re mean!!

Sister: *incoherent grunting* (and compliments)>>

What’s on my mind right now: Retina.


Sister: The only thing wrong with it is that it’s not what I would imagine what my dream house would be.

Me: It’s not your dream house, remember?

Sister: I mean, there should be a Stepford wife, chopping carrots in the middle counter.

Me: I’m surprised you know what Stepford wife means. 

*sister screeches, grabs 8-Year Old brother and throws him off of the bed.*

Sister (in demon voice): MOVE. I WANT TO SEE.

Brother (also in demon voice): NOOOOOO! It’s beautiful!!!


Me: Study. 😀

(brief squabbling among siblings).

Sister: I like. (heavy breathing)

For some reason my sister doesn’t like this room. I’m in disbelief. I think this was one of my favorite rooms (but really, how can I say that?). She’s just crazy anyways.

 Note the umbrellas.

Done! Now go download!

(Allure=Lizard King. Or Queeny, anyways.)

Gonna go eat pizza….and disappear.



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