Natsu-san from Skip Beat

25 Jul

The awesome-est manga by Yoshiki Nakamura. 🙂

I love that manga/anime. I started out with the manga, but I finished Season 1 for the anime I think last month.

I actually started out on this sim before I…eh, left. ♥

Anyways…If you’re a fan of Skip-Beat, or if you like it, download here:

(Sorry, I got side-tracked from the whole legacy business. I just wanted to finish her. I’m so…AAGH, about the whole Sims store business, especially since I have the feeling that I’m gonna go to Walmart this week and blow my money on Sims 3 cash-cards. Like 3 cards, maybe. And I feel like a n00b for doing so.


edit: I googled that image. If I don’t mention the image being mine, it’s google man. I found out where it came from originally though. But I lost it. >< If I find it again, I’ll put it here, but I thought I had bookmarked it. o_o


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