Oh Gosh – Anything Goes Legacy

25 Jul

I was looking at my game, and I decided that…eh…screw it. I want to start fresh again. I mean, I had an idea for it, but…here, a list:

  • Too many characters. It’s hard for me to like the game since I’m a horrible multitasker, and I keep having to pause the game to sort through everything. Aaaugh….
  • I haven’t played them for a long time, so they suck. Bleeeh.
  • Yeah, that’s all.

So, I’ll leave it, in case I want to play them again. But right now, I’m gonna do something else, and I’ll probably stick to it since the mysterious event  only comes once a year. Its something I should be interested in anyways. ^^;

edit: I don’t *think* anyone will be disapointed, since this blog doesn’t get much…eh…traffic, really, and since I didn’t really get into it. But if you are, tell me.


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