Job? Check!

4 Aug

Screenshot-39.jpg picture by Frazz72

Aha. My Sim’s just finished applying for a job.

Screenshot-40.jpg picture by Frazz72

Well, how did it go?? 😀

Overly Smug Sim: “Nailed it.” 🙂

Screenshot-41.jpg picture by Frazz72

She’s feeling a bit jittery and nervous…

…but at the same time, very excited.

She’s so excited, in fact, that she wants to tell the good news to Kriss, who’s on her way to the gym.

Perhaps this will be a way to bond with Kriss? After all, they hadn’t interacted much since they bought the house.

I start heading to the gym – I could just go home, but I’m the type of person who gets excited when they get to go anywhere, so I take advantage of the opportunity.

However, while my sim is still on the road, KRISS for some reason ends up going home. Here she is trying to explain it to me.

But eventually she just gives up and decides to read the newspaper.


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