Ritual N00bish Whoops of the Month – August

12 Aug

Meezletoe, double-posting is against our forum rules. In the future, if you are the last one to post in a topic, please edit your last post if you have something to add instead of posting right after yourself.”

I was posting a link to the “My Favorite Sim Legacies,” in Graycurse’s..Update-Chapter thing…thread on boolProp, because it occurred to me that she probably hadn’t seen it. Then I read the posts and found out that there was a delay in the chapters because something had happened to her in RL and I panicked because I felt like I was pressuring her to get the chapters out and was being an insensitive n00b, so I posted another apologizing and telling her to take her time with the chapters and RAA-ing, and then I saw this today. So…I apologized again and told them that I had forgotten about the edit button existing. T_T

I DIIIIID…..DX !!! And I even read the forum rules when I signed up (for once)! Usually I just skim it and read random interesting paragraph-chunks.

(Booo! No excuses.)> O:<

I really should upload some doodles already. I was doodling Afro-Man (the first voter).

Oh! If you don’t know who this Afro-Man is, here is the history, thus far (in links):

I was pretty sure I changed his name to Afro-Man on this blog, but I can’t find it. Maybe it was just in meh cartoons.

When I say I apologized, imagine a groveling shadow weeping on the floor before a computer, tears spewing from it’s eyes, as their fingers blindly search for and find the correct keys on the keyboard to type the words “I’m sorry!” while in it’s mind it’s getting sucked into a black hole of despair screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! D8”

I may be over-reacting. :\

Random Update On My Life – Today my sister picked up the telephone and it was one of those computer-drones reminding us of our financial situation. She told my mom who said “Didn’t I say don’t pick up the phone?!” with the eye-popping and wagging of the finger. I watched the whole kitchen scene from the computer desk and suddenly screamed “AHA!! I KNEW IT, YOU DO WORK FOR THE C.I.A.!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” and admist my screaming I explained it to them and, as usual, my mom didn’t deny it. This childhood suspicion of mine constantly finds it’s way into my life, somehow. At least every couple of weeks or months, I guess. Paaaa-r’a-noyah. ~♫


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