Horrible little feline

24 Aug

I had just made those scalloped potatoes that you can make from the box in about half-an-hour, and I brought it to the computer desk to eat dinner and finish the last chapter for Meh Sim’s Storeh.

So…I stabbed a couple of those potatoes and tried to eat some, but it burnt my lip and I dropped it back into the bowl and reflexively looked down at the cat to make sure she hadn’t seen my embarassing blunder.

Well, she had. And she gave me the most condescending and apathetic look that I had ever recieved in my life.

Then she went back to sleep next to my lap.

I think it’s cause the house is cold. I’m a little cold myself.

I have a habit of putting a jacket on when the house is cold, instead of just adjusting the temperature of the AC. My mom pointed it out to me, so now whenever I reach for a jacket, I hear her saying “Instead of putting a jacket, why don’t you just change the temperature?!”

And then I change it. -_- Tch.

I wasn’t sure if anyone else was cold, half-the-time, and I don’t really get this specific AC/heater. I stop bothering and just wear a jacket.

Yumm. Potatoes.

See ya! 🙂


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