6 Sep

Some suckish stuff happened at home…but I’m trying to be positive…So I’m not going to talk about it until the situation is…over I guess

But because of that I hadn’t felt like looking at the PC for a while so that’s why I haven’t been on.

Anyways….I’m deleting a bunch of stuff in my studio. So if some links haven’t been working, that’s why. I deleted the Anything Goes thing forever….And I’m thinking of getting a new blog, or just deleting mostly everything. But that would go against what I said about not ripping pages out of a notebook….

dot dot dot XD

I also have another story idea, and the screenshots totally pwn, but I don’t feel like writing it because I already have a  sim story and I don’t have a story line planned out for it. And I realized that my real life sim story has turned into something I hadn’t wanted (a stooory. I’m an idiot. It was fun though, writing it, so I’m not sure about killing it, but I had had a different idea for it).

But if I do rip those pages out, a lot of the rest of the notebook won’t make any sense…Like the Anything Goes thing…I want that out but there’s a lot of posts related to that.

But I also want to keep the domain name.

Shraa….I would like some advice please. If you’re willing. I don’t think I have that many people reading the Sims story thing…Well, I know I have Celera ^^, but other than that, it’s not like a bunch of people would be like NOOOOO, TRAITOR….So that’s good. Muhahahaha….

Help me oot, mon.


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