Pass-Back from Creative Writing last year

12 Sep

This was the game we played in Creative Writing class, last year, first semester. We had different themes we were assigned, and we’d all write a little snippet for about 5 minitues, and pass it to the next person in our assigned group. The themes I remember were Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, and maybe adventure, but I don’t remember….There were 5. At the end, we’d get ours back and finish it up. I got *weeps* Romance. X_X. Like I said, I forced my voice onto it. I WILL NOT BEND! But it ended up being a little difficult at the beginning, so it’s short. So here:

Kazoo, the Cheeseburgerian Warrior King had committed the ULTAMATE SIN. He had fallen in love…WITH THE HOT DOG QUEEN, Oozak! (DOOM) It had happened during the 37th century when Richard Nixon had come back to life. He swore to break up this happy couple and steal the Hot Dog Queen. He was going to do this by zapping Kazoo with the Phazer Beeem 5,000,000. So on the morning of Septober 34th, he crept up to the Warrior King’s house, 12:00 in the evening and began his hunt. He tip toed through the front corridor and snuck through the 9th [illegible :(]. When he got there he swore his revenge against the Cheeseburgerian Warrior King. He opened the door and rushed at him with his giant French Fry sword. The Burger King began to bleed ketchup. It was everywhere, including on Richard Nixon’s Nike’s. Richard Nixon was very angry. So he took out his destroy the world button…..The world would meet ultimate doom if he pushed it…. He eventually killed the Cheeseburgerian Warrior King. Nothing was ever found that day. Nixon got with the Queen and made babies. Then she found out that he was cheating, and shot him in the face! She than began seeing her dead husband’s best friend. But he didn’t have enough money so she left him. Eventually, she hired a Pizza Sorceress to bring her dead husband (who, apparently, she had married in secret…) back to life, which the Pizza Sorceress did successfully, by sucking the life out of Oozak’s and Richard Nixon’s babies. Kazoo and Oozak embraced, overjoyed and disgusted (by the smell of rotten hamburger meat) and eloped to America in the 3rd dimension. However, they were separated along the way, and were transformed into fast food stores and frozen food products. Thus, a tragedy.

I laughed so hard…XD…I ended up writing about this (critique) and making fun of some accidental things…like the vanished destroy the world button, and some other interesting stuffs. But I wouldn’t change this eva! IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE IT! ^^

…eh…I just remembered something……noo…D’X


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