Statements and Cheesyness

19 Sep

WHY IS EVERYONE TRYING TO MAKE A STATEMENT?! What is it with wisdom and advice, and why does it have to be linked with dramatic events!? ONLINE?! I understand why-ish, but what is it that makes it seem like society is sort of a factor in it?! And it’s on the internet too….

I’m talking Internet mostly. In real life, I’m no good. I’m no good. -_-

But onliiine….Bullying and such, and the defenders….It’s good that it happens, but why must there be online drama, and these roles involved?!

IS IT BECAUSE OF THE TROLLS?! Without Villains there can’t be Heroes, sort of thing?? Are they the reason there have to be Online Defenders of Webbers, or Internet Life Guards?! It’s these stupid roles and mini-episodes that bug me! It feels so fake or so unreal and…augh!

Online Webber-Defenders, keep doing your thing and all, I’m just venting my annoyance of cheesyness.

My annoyance with cheesyness makes me sad sometimes though. Its another sign that I’ve lost my childhood innocence -_- (which, however, I was lucky to have had for such an abnormally extended period of time..I think I still have traces of it.). I realized this when I went to see a college play that I enjoyed but kept squirming about. I realized I hadn’t or couldn’t accidentally lose myself in the play, even though some things looked cool. I had a flashback to when my uncle took the family to see Cinderella….It was probably super-cheesy but I don’t remember squirming…or the play. I remember wondering (as a kid) if they actually kissed though -_-;. I always thought, as a kid, that those sort of real life movie scenes were done with special effects because it’d be impossible or ridiculous for actors to actually have to kiss all those people, especially if they were already married. But eventually, I realized “OMIGOSH THEY ACTUALLY HAVE TO KISS?!” I think I was 10 when I found out. Or maybe 11, I don’t know. I was very naive maybe….Yeah, I thought that they had some sort of sneaky actor’s trick when I was 10 or 11, but found out, no. I had even watched Titanic when I was 6..I didn’t completely know what was going on during that…scene, but I was probably veeery surprised..

Hah, the way a kid organizes the world to appear logical to them is funny, eh? Well, I was…eh..eccentric I think, but still….(I’m still weird).

Yah, anyways, all I was really concerned about after Cinderella was meeting the lady who played her, and I was super excited when we got to. She was really pretty, but different from what I expected (she still had the gown though). So I think I asked her, “DID YOU REALLY KISS HIM?!” And I guess she said or someone said that the guy was her boyfriend, so  I was like, “oh , it’s o.k. then.” Maybe I interviewed her? I just have this memory where my view is looking up and seeing her with blonde-ish hair in a bun and bright lipstick and the dress and the black thing around her neck, and I think she has a friendly smile on. It’s in this white hallway-type (dressing room area?) and there are a bunch of people around I think taking pictures with her too and congratulating, maybe giving flowers. For some reason though, I think right now, or maybe my memory is effected by something else now, that the smile she gave me was a bit fake or fading cause I may have weirded her out. Maybe I was giving her an intense stare of awe without realizing it. I realized in middle school that I’m one of those people who looked maybe pissed off or unapproachable when I’m thinking (lol, cause thinking is such a strain on my brain…hahahha, sorry, sorry)….And also that sometimes I think I’m giving people a friendly smile (maybe in response to theirs) but I’m..not. XD I was very surprised. It was cause I accidentally saw myself in the passenger-seat’s rearview mirror and I wasn’t smiling and I thought I had been. XD Or at least not wide enough for someone to detect. Gah. I think I’m doing better now though.

Eh, slight flashback of the play during the carriages….and the shadows…Nah, it’s gone. ><;

Anywayz…That’s all.


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