Surviving Love

23 Sep

Quick post blurb. Love has been described as a contagious disease. It infects us without warning, though some causes are traceable and share similarities, and in some cases can cause mental instability, obsession, paranoia, increase a person’s mortality rate, and even cause death. And so on. Similarly, the same goes for hate.
My question I think would be, has a person ever survived love? The same question can apply to hate, but in this case I’m wondering whether a person can go from birth to death without submitting to or accepting love, or maybe instead or also, without being loved or shown or given love. Can a person ‘survive’ this, and furthermore could they do so without submitting to hate? Or maybe that would be apathy to the fullest degree. -__- Which is just cowardice in my opinion. 😛

Also, what sort of person would this be or make? (suddenly imagines a androgynous beautiful and indifferent to the point of being cruel type of villain and the theme of this vision is White and Light – why, I wonder? XD)

edit: 12/10/09 – The vision to me sounded something like Truth just now. HAH. But why does truth have to be crueeel, whhaaat….?? I don’t like truth=indifferent.


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