29 Sep

(love her garb, by the way)
Is it wrong that I want every famous or popular musician and/or vocalist to have talent approaching, equal to, or exceeding this woman’s? I can understand a person wanting to sing their own lyrics, or wanting to perform their own composition – especially in these times, where the writer isn’t as valued as the face or voice of the music being performed (and other stuff where the writer isn’t as valued, blah). So, as is custom, I blame people in the music industry for being too lax or shallow – I’m not sure what it is. The whole “you can’t have a voice without the face” thing. I don’t see why our singers have to be models or actors or dancers at the same time. These are allowed to be separate and equally respected divisions of art, I think (as well as all the other forms). I mean, if you can do more than one, that’s great, but if you have an overpowering and electrifyingly dazzling voice that can squash and afterward give goosebumps to said squashed multi-talented artist who’s moderately talented at singing, then GIVE THAT FIRST PERSON A CONTRACT DAMMIT, YOU’RE DOING A DISSERVICE TO THE PEOPLE! How irresponsible! Where’s your patriotism?! Its your duty to your country! I may be exaggerating! I don’t know if I am, but I really do feel its irresponsible or selfish of them. I think that singers with contracts should be able to sing with the same amount of talent on record and live, without the computers and stuff. The whole shyness and off-day things are a different matter. I don’t know what to say about people who’re having that sort of trouble other than I empathize with you -_- (even though I can’t sing. ZAP, MINUS 50 CREDIBILITY POINTS, SEE FIRST SENTENCE). Maybe the computers can’t always handle people with amazing or loud voices like that, so they have to tone it down (which is why real records pwn, muhahaha, not that I would know, I’m dreaming)? I get how people really want to sing, even if they’re not close to being as good as Whitney Houston here, but if its such a competitive field, then someone who can’t sing really shouldn’t be so famous for their music. It’s just a…slap in the face! Or a punch! Or a liberal application of rubbing alcohol onto dominant hand and with body in anatomical position with hip pivoted slightly in the direction of said hand swing arm back and rapidly…..

Although there could be an exception with techno music and stuff, cause that’s complete embracement of technology to make weird noise thats catchy and stuff, so its not a lie. But in that case, I’m not sure if the…wot, band, is the talent and the face or the face alone. What do I mean by face? Marketing…something. Blah. I like it when people make techno music like that, but with real instruments. It’s inteeeense!! Also, people who make new sounds – it’s a different style. But I think consistency is still a sign of a real vocalist – being able to sing notes basically.

For groups in the music industry that aren’t the best individually at singing, but have a different unique sound, but only together, and it sounds good, I think it’s fine, since it’s the group’s sound thats being praised, not the individual.

So, anyways, here are some singers that I think are awesome:

Two for Kelly.

and for Kevin Michael (I used his last name because it sounds like its one name to me XD)

(That beatboxer is amazing too)

Love this song (MJ – Man in the Mirror if the video doesn’t show up again). This guy was also a performer though. He was a great dancer and singer, and performer. But I think his voice was the strongest since his emotion could reach you, but that’s debatable. Its a bit scary though to see how much his fans idolized him. XD We have the concert in Romania video, where he flies off wearing a jet pack. I watched it as a kid and got scared when people started dying and being taken away by men with stretchers. Thats when I found out about ‘fainting.’ (This song goes on for 10 minutes, it’s like he was putting them through agony on purpose! XD Just by singing, he knew what he was doing!) Its an interesting contrast with today though. I watched some TRL and concerts on MTV last year and the crowd isn’t that enthusiastic. They look bored and the people trying to grab the singer’s hands seem pretty rational (composed, not beside themselves). It’s interesting. The youth of America today are more rational and controlled, or they don’t want to make themselves vulnerable like that? It takes me back to that poem where it mentions how we speak uncertainly to avoid conflict. We’re guarded like that, we’re not as willing to put ourselves out there. I’m kinda sort of a very good example of that, maybe, I think, I think, I think….That still sounds like me, doesn’t it? Or my voice? Question mark? Though, maybe I shouldn’t say more rational and composed. We still do some pretty stupid stuff for rational people. What am I trying to say? You can hear it in the radio.

DJ: Oh my gosh. YOU WON!!
Winner: Oh wow, really? That’s so awesome. I can’t beliiiieve it, yaaaay…:D

DJ: Yeaaah!! What do you gotta say?

Winner: JIMM 98.7 rocks! Woo!

(totally random number+name combo. But 98.7 just FEELS right to me). Anyway, they have to fake being really excited on radio, but they probably are happy. It’s more constrained.)

…Unrelated rant.^ Its funny how Michael Jackson does that to you. HAHAHhA, or maybe it’s just how he symbolizes a time period.

You can tell that this guy really loves to sing in this video (Trey Songz)…I don’t know about now, but this guy can sing and he’s really happy just singing, I think. He’s getting all excited, hehehe. If the video doesn’t show, here:

WOOO! But this is the best one I could get, and this other one wouldn’t let me embed it. The girl is singing in it too, but who wouldn’t? muhahahaha…(Gretchen Wilson, Red Neck Woman…the videos aren’t showing up for some reason)

Christina Aguilera
I saw her practicing on TV or something, and it was really beautiful XD and I appreciated singers/vocalists more. Dude, seriously, which am I supposed to say? Singers or Vocalists? Anyway, so that made me think more amazed by this girl after I saw this:

(Paramore acoustic) CONSISTANCY!! HAHA, it sounded the same! And she’s good. I’m not knowledgeable in all of this music stuff, I just learned on Wiki a couple of months ago that acapela and falsetto weren’t just for Opera singers (I want to go to an opera show…). But, by the way, their performance at one of those award shows where one of the guys has to balance on something when he does his guitar solo – that part was awesome – but her singing wasn’t as good as it was here. She’s sitting down here, and it’d be boring I guess if she just stood there and sang to people, so I was o.k. with it since I knew that she *could* sing. It’s probably hard to sing and run around, so performance was a higher priority in that situation, I guess. I think that the reason Michael Jackson was so successful was because he could do it all…HE’S A NINJA!
And….I feel like a jerk since I don’t know anything about music-music. Like instruments. I can teach myself how to play a song by…I think the phrase is ‘by ear’ (startled musician spins around, points at me with mouth foaming and suddenly shouts out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!” – for the record these are the things that I see in my mind when I write, these sudden scenes that interrupt the flow), but it takes me a couple of hours (1-4) for part of a song like…*decides to finally look it up after years of not knowing the title or the lyrics*…..OMIGOSH IS THAT WHAT IT WAS, DAMMIT, I SHOULDA KNOWN AAAUGH I’M AN IDIOT – Ode to Joy, Beethoven. But I get really serious and focused and pissed off when people interrupt me. People hate me when I’m concentrating. Would I be a demon workaholic? There is a high probability. Love me now while you can – the endearing slacker. Not endearing, I lie. I’m a parasite feeding off of your attention. bwahahhaha….But we all are, si? Anyhoo, I don’t even know if I got it right, but it sounds OK.

Ode to Joy tutorial video ^
Dammit, I got the first parts. But the kinda solo-ish part I got stuck on since I wasn’t sure exactly how it went. I WAS WORKING OFF OF TARNISHED MEMORY DAMMIT, GRAAA *EXCUSES EXCUSES, ADMIT YOU’RE A FAILURE AND BE DONE WITH IT!* noooo….

Man, how could I not figure that out? I didn’t even use the other side for that solo-part. I got…ehh….*googles ‘ode to joy kids c’*
bbcddcbaggabbaa  – This is what I found. If these are the notes (hehe, I started understanding them a little when I was in 10th grade, but then I gave up. I used to say as a kid “Why do I need to know it, I already know the alphabet and numbers, I don’t need another language!” – I meant as in code, not languages to speak with each other verbally. I was mostly frustrated because I didn’t get math as it was, and it looked like more math to me. Is it?). Anyway, I got that part, and the part that sorta repeats. Then like six or 7 keys or notes after, I think. Why am I bragging to you? Hooray, I’m not totally inept with music (might as well be, it doesn’t make a difference). Maybe this is me trying to convince by screaming behind casual and empty words that I’m an accomplished person. “I’M AN ACCOMPLISHED PERSON DAMMIT, I’M NOT OBSOLETE, I HAVE TALENT, LOOK AT ME!! NOTICE ME!!!” You know, that sort of thing *casually looks at nails, eyes averted, puffs on them, blinking.*
edit: This video had the notes in the side bar XD

hehehhehe…..Allllrriiiight….That’s all I got right now. Venting is so fun. muhahahaha…..stuff is happening, but not that much I can or am willing or want to talk about since I should be working right now. I’m not good at being committed to myself. I cheat on my conscience with THIS BLOG HAHAHAHHHAHA, ok bye. Am I manic?! AM I?! BIPOLAR?! (no, that disorder is…used too lightly now I think, people are actually suffering from it I think). I have the impression that I was a weird kid, but I might’ve been typical, you never know. I don’t think so though. This is me romanticizing my childhood? Though, I recently decided I didn’t want to go back, after years of wishing I was 7. But maybe it would be nice….dot dot dot, FOR REAL NOW, SEE YA, BEING COMMITTED TO MY GOODBYES AT LEAST HERE (JUST REALLY WANTED TO END THE SENTENCE WITH THE WORD HERE, WORD SPASM/CRAVINGS ARE HORRIBLLEEE….THE HEH/H SOUNDS IS PARTICULARLY IRRESISTIBLE TODAY, WHATI S WRONG WITH ME, OH I KNOW HAHA IT’S PROBABLY SESAME STREET IS IN MY HEAD, THAT EVIL SHOW AND THEIR WORD CRAVINGS, OK BYE BYE BYE HAH!)
(end song to wrap it up)

Here’s another:

edit: This song, I’m including because it’s an amazing accomplishment and it has stuff that’s computer-ness, but it’s tied with the song I think (whale noises?!). Also, it’s spooky.

I don’t know much about Celine Dion. But I like this song a lot, and also Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20! Omigosh, I can’t believe I didn’t include him. And I like Blue October’s sound….And Rod Stewart! Yael Naim? Only heard that one song.
Here Live:

Also, that high note that Houston sang at this part – “in the land of the freeee” <—-That part is the part maan. You gotta hit that high note, it’s just right!


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