Mission 1 – Don’t be Boring

11 Oct

Ahhh~~ this is great. No rules, no homework – just great scenery and the calm music that’s playing in my head.

Me: Yeah, you said it. :’D *type type space enter*

Meeza: Alright I’m bored….


…I’ll go read a good book! 😀

Me: NO YOU DON’T! There, see that Ursine woman? Go make friends with her.

Meeza: Isn’t that Kriss’ enemy or something? Why would I make friends with her?

Me: Isn’t this too intense of a screenshot for you to be wondering something like that? Because I said so. Unless you can think of something more exciting than reading a book.

Meeza: Hmm…I guess you’re right.

Meeza: The newspaper is much more intense!!

Me: NO!

Meeza: Yes it is.

Me: Obey me. Anyways, making friends with the enemy of your roommate will add some drama to the story. Especially since you haven’t been getting along so hot lately. And since she’s a criminal, it might make the audience worried that you’re going to the dark side. Call her over.


Me: What’re you doing?!?

Meeza: She works in the Criminal Career, doesn’t she? o_o I’m talking like one of those smooth mobster guys.


Me: This is just ridiculous. I didn’t say serenade her.

Me: Yeah, compensate by making weird faces. Bad to the bone, baby.

Meeza: Hello, Mrs. Ursine!

Emma Hatch: What?

After realizing our blunder, we decided it would be best for her to –


Well..Yes, that.

In TS3, there are no Bike Lanes…muhahahaha…
>>Turns out, this woman here is Claire Ursine. Heh heh heh…(dark and insane manic grin) Thanks Conner. XD

I love the feeling of riding a bike really fast on a sunny, breezy day. The sun is so warm so the wind doesn’t chill your ears. The air is perfect, and the atmosphere pleasant. It’s like diving into a pool of golden light.

Meeza: You haven’t been on a bike for a year.

Meeza: Ok, ok I get it! D:<

Me: What?

Meeza: I made it.

Me: It wasn’t that far.

Meeza: I thought I was gonna be caught by an adult or the police or something.

Me: Aaah…So, what’re you gonna do?

Meeza: kyyaaaaaa~~!! *happy dance*

(James Bond Music – just for this image XD)

Meeza: It’s …BEAUTIFUL!! X’O


Me: Easy now.

I thought I’d help her improve her writing skill a little instead of just reading. That wish still hasn’t be fulfilled yet.

Meeza: You ain’t helpin’ nothin’. What am I writing?

Me: *ignores* You’re gonna be late for work. Go take a shower at the gym real quick since it’s closer.

Meeza: Wait…what do I –


Me: Gosh, absent-minded sims, man….

*mad dash*

She made it…by -10 minitues I think.

(after work now)

Me: Did you get your head bitten off?

Meeza: I worked very hard today, thank you.

Me: I’m guessing that’s how it always is the first day on the job.

Walking alone…at night…passing alleyways….


You really don’t look safe, you know? XD


Today was a good day. I’m glad I ditched.

Me: Keep in mind that if a real life adult had seen you, you’d be smoke. Anyways..you should hurry home. I heard they’re strict on curfew, for some reason.

Meeza: I’ll probably make it back before it’s past curfew. (hasty rationalization XD)

A couple hundred years later…as I’m waiting for my sim…a kid walks out, alone. I took it quite personally.

*aaagh* She’s gonna get caught by the police on the second day of her existence! T_T

About time! Hurry up, lets go before somebody –

AGH! TOO LATE! There are spies everywhere! RUN!!


Come ooon, you can peddle faster than that!

Meeza: The pressure!

Carefully now….

Meeza: Looks like I’m safe 😀

Meeza: haha (relieved), I guess Kriss isn’t home ye-


Kriss: Hello ♥

Meeza: YEEEEEEEE~~ (high pitched ‘yee’ of horror)

Demon Kriss has awoken.


4 Responses to “Mission 1 – Don’t be Boring”

  1. Connor October 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm #

    😀 😀 😀
    For the “Claire Ursine” scenes I literally COULD NOT stop laughing.

    • meezletoe October 11, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

      Thanks! XDDD Seriously though, I was shocked when I found out it wasn’t her. *headdesk* My evil plot was ruined.
      I really underestimated the trouble legacy/sim story authors went through to make up reasons for why their sims were thinking about weird stuff like Yetis, Diamonds, Shiny Cars, etc T_T.

      • Connor October 11, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

        The lady in the car? SHE was Claire Ursine. How ironic.

        • meezletoe October 11, 2009 at 6:43 pm #

          Lady?! What lady??
          OH MY GOSH. D:<
          (edits post)

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