11 Oct

Alright, you’re gonna think this is really bad..Audience.

But you know what – I think I might let her skip school.

This is Sims, dammit! If I can’t do it in real life, I’ll do it in here! And there aren’t any guardians who can disapprove of my choice either.

Kriss: *LEGASP* She hasn’t left yet?!

Meeza: Yeaah, I can miss at least one day of school. Who’s gonna stop me?

I’ll just stay home and  read all day! I’ll still be learning – and I’ll be more rested for work too.


Me: Eh…Meeza, I think she wants to talk.

Kriss (thinking): *siiiigh* Why wasn’t she created with her own parents….

..You know, I don’t really have to do this. She might end up killing me off anyway, since I’m not a necessary character.

Yeah, this really isn’t my responsibility. She wants to ruin her future – fine! Nothing to do with me!

(Meeza [to me, v.i.a. telepathy]: *brightens up* I wonder if she supports my idea – she looks like she was the delinquent type)

Kriss: GAAH!!

(Me: Why would you say that? Is it because she told you she used to set toilet paper on fire?

Meeza: Well, that…but she does have the daredevil trait…and her clothing style –)

Kriss: Yo,we need to talk.

(Meeza: YES! The bonding process begins!)

Me: No you idiot, she’s gonna lecture you. Prepare to be scolded, loser.


*streeetch* I’m ready. *glint*

Kriss: Look, loser, go to school, it’s not that big of a deal.

Meeza: Whaat…Is that what the lecture’s about?

Kriss: If you don’t go to school, you end up doing a lot of stupid stuff. Like developing pyromania and becoming a homeless hitchhiker for a week with no memory of how it happened….

Kriss:…getting lost in your own neighborhood, being stalked by cats, eating out of the dumpster of KFC, getting into fights with old ladies holding knitting needles, jousting with a janitor….

Meeza: What sort of life have you had?!

Me: Guess you were right about the delinquent thing….o_o Even I haven’t heard this story before.

Kriss: The main point is that school is good, and you gotta go. Right?

Meeza: Yeah, yeah, of course, you’re right. -.-

♪ ~tra la la la la ~ tra la la la la~ tra la la la la – la la la la~ ♫


Me: I think, Kriss….you should’ve escorted her or-



2 Responses to “Suspicious”

  1. Connor October 11, 2009 at 5:19 pm #

    Option 1: Go to school.
    Option 2: Have a Ferris Bueller style day.

    I know which option I would choose.

    • meezletoe October 11, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

      hahahha XD I wanted to put some sort of thought-process or transition pic in cause most likely you’ll see the beach pic ahead of time. So I thought about it and looked through a bunch of Ferris Bueller pics and was like ‘HAH!’
      muhahaha..I want a Ferris Bueller style day. T_T

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