Goopy Carbonara

19 Oct

This is Carbonara, btw. I realize it’s not goopy, but I guess it’d be more like soup or something if it was (imagines paste instead -_-).

Kriss: So…how was school?

Meeza: Er…

Well…um…what happened was-

Kriss: Don’t give me that uncertain crap! If you’ve got the nerve to disobey me and ditch school then at least be assertive about it when you confess!

You’re a coward! This is your first day in school and the second in this neighborhood and you spend all day goofing off and breaking the law! I was wondering if you were gonna show up here at all!

I’m really disappointed in you….

So…after being scolded by my own creation my sim felt like moping. And got hungry soon after. Nothing cures misery better than starvation.

Though I suppose it depends what kind of food it is….

Me: What’re you eating?

Meeza: Some food that Kriss made.


Meeza: Well..yes. But its just that Kriss likes all her food burnt….

Me: No, no, throw it away! Agh! Gross. Make something else =.=

Yeah, cook some of that Goopy Carbonara stuff. 😀

The goop reflects the mess I presently am experiencing within.

Me: Oh-so-Emo. ~♪

The boiling of the goop symbolizes the melting of my goopy soul.

Me: What does it mean if you eat it?

Meeza: Something horrible and mysterious, I’m sure.


Me: That expression…-_-…it looks a lot like me. *shivers*

Of course, despair doesn’t mean a person’s brain functionality will be enhanced. -_-; Even if it is some sort of art form.

Me: You were about to sleep, you genius, you.

Meeza: Oh right.

*crickets chirp* XD

4 Responses to “Goopy Carbonara”

  1. Samantha October 19, 2009 at 9:13 am #

    haha – me love it ^.^

  2. Connor October 19, 2009 at 6:28 pm #

    *Drools over carbonara*

    • meezletoe October 25, 2009 at 11:04 am #

      hehehe it does look good. I want some o_o.

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