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15 Oct

I thought Bella hated double standards. :fuzzydemon:
Oh god, kill me, I can’t believe I know that. I just read the draft of Midnight Sun and I’d flipped through the Twilight books. I hate it, but it’s so easy to read and I’m OCD with finishing books, and the easier they are, the more of an urge I get to finish it quickly….Basically I spent 3-4 hours reading the online Midnight Sun draft – the scroll bar lies. I’m promising myself to not waste my time with the rest. Unfortunatly…for my resolve maybe…I gotta admit, it’s easier to bear Edward’s perspective. Easier. I don’t know if this is because of the author’s skill as a writer, or it’s a result of comparison (bella). Still resentful that some of the coolest words/phrases/names have been made worthless and mainstream – Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn, ehhh…whatever the other one is maybe. I’m fine with Bella being killed for some reason cause Isabella doesn’t seem as besmirched, but Edward is dead forever. T_T That was one of my favorite names too. [hope eddie is still safe]
I think it’s safe to say that this is the best kinda…vampire fan fiction you could write, maybe. And I’m ok with people liking the stories. Except my sister, but this is a mutual harassment thing kinda. I got a better perspective of the stories after reading it, but I think I still dislike it. Gotta sleep on this. Will not read the rest of the books though, I know enough. ^^ [gotta lot on my waiting list as it is]
hmmm…my opinion changed a lot while writing this – probably because I’d only finished reading just now. x_X

…Replying on another person’s comment makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping.
I read the comment. PHEW, haha, got *that* off my chest. ^_^
Annywaaayz….’bout the Edward guy…I was thinking. Maybe this whole Twilight thing…with the whole slap-in-the-face at Feminism, with this idealized perfect man dude was kinda a response to how women aren’t really…treated like..ehhh, ladies in the media, or it’s reaffirming that there is true love like that. You know? Like a romance revival. Not just lust really. Well. Blood lust is kinda different, but for Bella’s safety…[I feel gross. I haven’t read the books, yet I feel like an expert..just using their names. *remembers the diehard twilight fans and is reassured*] He’s…killing her for her safety. And since we got this perfect guy all the girls are freaking out because all of a sudden there’s nothing like this around them, kinda. In recent times, I mean. I don’t know if it balances out female empowerment/feminism with chivalry, or if it’s making the scales uneven somehow, but if something in millions of girls/women makes them embrace this….Eh. Also, it might set a higher standard when choosing someone [or make them settle. or not settle]. Anyway, at least I hope guys…try to act more gentlemanly. I’m kinda confused when wondering how they can wonder what women want when there’s things like Twilight and manga and stuff. It’s not a bad thing anyway, since there’s common elements in the guys they want, even if personality is different. Like bravery, unconditional love, sometimes chivalry, attention, bleeeh. XP
…I don’t understand how my comments get so long. o_o


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