Back after two years

3 Jul

I confess that tumblr kidnapped me

I am now 20. And a lot and very little has happened to me

I’ve gained something of an ambition

And I also want to say tumblr is very distracting. It’s incredibly easy to use, and reblog things also xD I write like one of those fangirls, basically…..tumblr people will know what I mean…..but I wrote very little. I did recently try to make a poetry blog, but it’s very hard since…tumblr is so much more public. haha (yeah I still do that. and this xD).

I also learned a lot from it….but trust me, please try and believe it, but I was actually more coherent here at…what, 17?

Good thing I kept this….everything is back on ‘published’ just to compare how I write and how I thought….

I made two or three tumblrs and deleted them…except this last one. I follow some people who I actually talk to…..and legend of korra….yeah that happened….

anyway it’s not important. New things. And this is wordpress. My beloved more private blog. This past few months I dreamed of wordpress while on tumblr….remembering the good old times….

Ah. Okay. Well, looking forward to getting better in touch with some of the people I used to talk to here. I might change my url, maybe not.


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