New Schedule

6 Jul

Trying this out now:

6AM – wake, wash face, brush hair, brush teeth. Eat breakfast.

7AM – exercise in backyard
8AM – make breakfast. Save some for daddy for tomorrow.
9AM – Kids wake up. Dishes. Make my bed. Go outside.

10:30AM – driver’s ed powerpoint. Turn computer off.
11:30AM – read Sherlock one hour. Turn/Log back on computer back on at 12:10PM.
12:30PM – driver’s ed powerpoint
01:30PM – wordpress
02:30PM – driver’s ed powerpoint. Charge laptop.

2:40PM to 3PM – twenty minute plan what to make for lunch. Ask kids too.

03PM – Make lunch.
04PM – Kids do dishes. Dr. Phil.* Bun too.* Read Sherlock.
05PM – Brush teeth. Free time to do (jobs/chemistry/etc)
06PM – Mandatory chilling hour outside.
07PM – make dinner.
08PM – dishes.
09PM – Tell kids I am going to sleep at 9:30PM. Get ready for bed. Set clothes for tomorrow. Shower and brush teeth.
10PM – take melatonin and sleep no later than 10:30. (shorts pajamas)
(PC available from 11:30AM to 12:30PM, 3PM to 4PM maybe. 5PM to 7PM is Salman and Roberto’s computer time on their own laptop)

Try to limit how long PC is on.

*dr. phil usually happens to be on and my dad/stepmom like watching it…xD I’m okay with it though, he gives good advice and his guest experts are usually interesting too xD


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