7 Jul

There’s something about the word that has such negative connotations that it feels like an insult to use it to describe someone, or my own stepmother. I even would rather call her by her name here. And sometimes I feel bad for yelling her name in the house, especially because my dad does it, and sometimes when he lectures her. So it feels disrespectful, and I feel guilty. But then I can’t (really, I can’t) and won’t call her Mom/Mother etc though it might have made her happy, and I can’t call her “Stepmom” either. There needs to be a wayyyyy….Addressing her with Mrs.lastname is weird because it’s her father’s name and our culture, you kind of refer to a woman as who she is attached to -_- And she is her own person too.



One Response to “Stepmom”

  1. Jennifer Worrell July 19, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    It’s such a pain trying to figure out how to relate to everyone in a stepfamily. Good luck!

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