That Myers-Briggs thing – Two years later

7 Jul

I still fluctuate a lot from INTP to INFP, but more often it’s INFP I think.

Well, no, since I still think someone who switches that much, possibly depending on mood, would probably be INFP, I might just be….

Well….I don’t know how IN_P works, but those have been consistent. I could switch from Feeling to Thinking based on my mood, but shouldn’t at least Introverted and Extroverted switch just as much…? They vary in percentage but never in the final result. You could consider yourself social depending on your mood. Or maybe the answer choices for the questions given to determine F/T are a bit more prone to being influenced by emotions….

That sentence doesn’t make sense.

How are answer choices influenced by emotions?

It’s the people picking the answers.

How do I structure that so I can say when people pick the answers for those questions, they are more easily influenced by emotions, because the nature of the questions especially since it’s discussing whether you use feeling more…..if that even makes logical sense. Not loosely intuitive, just plain logical.

I wonder if I’m actually J not P. I talk and think like P, but…ah those weird cognitive…ones…in MB-tests. I don’t get how they work. Fucking magnets. I feel like I learn better with S too, but it could be…underdeveloped so I end up just relying on N….however that works, really.

edit: That new (since 2010) left sidebar confuses me but I love the quotes. WordPress loves it’s bloggers/readers ;_;
Anyway I wanted to put this quote here:

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” Blaise Pascal

Like how I made a twitter and hated the character limit, and then saw a tweet that said “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Oh weird, she has the same last name as that legacy sim I tried before I lost the disc xD. ehhh how do I do strikethrough…xD hahaha



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