Follow-Up; Facebook guy

14 Jul

A bit of a follow-up to this, that person who I used to talk to on facebook – I’ve started talking to them again. Well, on facebook. We watched something online together and he wants to make it a thing, and maybe a group thing at that. By ‘watched it together’ I mean, live-facebook-commenting HAHA. He’d recalled telling me before that he imagined watching TV with me would be fun, and so I said that I’d live-comment it, with the slight intention of just being a spambot, but he ended up saying ‘that’s it, I’m watching it again!’ and we watched it ‘together’. I missed the last one, kind of intentionally – wasn’t in the mood. Also, I restrained myself just now in mentioning how I imagined even at the time this might become a skype thing and crab-panicked a bit (retreat into shell, shun the idea, almost look forward to it, at the same time) because it hinted at future relationship, in general, and that’s really such a stereotypically(?) possibly with a legitimate psychologically observed basis, female-language-speaking thing to do. Wow that was garbaled. adieu hovering brother (Salmon)

facebook guy needs a nickname to avoid the romantic nuance…more on my possible issue with seeing that sort of nuance everywhere later? xD

Easily Distracted

Robotic Rhetoric

This is the most amazing blog xD I’m lucky enough to have it following me currently and as of today, and I cannot believe it exists. xD

It reminds me a lot of this person who I used to often talk to on facebook xD The way they talk and what they say. I’m still friends with him (and met him) on facebook (not common for me) through this crazy page/group thing. But he was a bit more ridiculous in how unrestrained and how he approached every topic (extraordinarily irreverently and absolutely shocking) but it’s part of the reason I had so much fun talking to him. Also because we spoke in these long-ass paragraphs, which is rare to find, especially when the topic is also exactly the sort of thing you find interesting. The only thing is that I wasn’t sure if I was weirder because some topics…

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