nice face dude

14 Jul

Beautiful! Look at the post, the second image really is a vast improvement, and I love it’s warmth, and his expression. It’s perfect. I like your face, dude. Not even kidding. That is a nice face. And your hair. K cool. (It’s a self portrait)

I like his description too, hehe. His words are good words. Heyyy, that’s why I follow him after all, good art and words, yeeyup.

Gabriel Garbow | Artworks

Could there be a more fitting title for a self-portrait post?

“Well I Wonder” is the title to a Smith’s song from “Meat is Murder”.  Over a darkly breezy tangle of acousitc guitars, tambourine, brushed drums, and rain effects, Morrissey’s voice floats with disjointed phrases of self-obsessed import like, “Well I wonder / if you hear me when I cry,” and, “Please keep me in mind.”

Self-portraits carry with them many of the same dangers as confessional song lyrics. Folks tend to think you’re doing them because you’re self-centered when the truth is that you merely lack the creativity to find anything else more worthwhile to draw/paint/sing about.

The benefits I’ve enumerated before.  Primary among them is access.

The portrait below I started a couple of weeks ago when I had some spare time at the studio.  However, hunger cut my time there short, and I headed home to make…

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2 Responses to “nice face dude”

  1. gabrielgarbowota July 16, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    I’m very flattered that you chose to re-blog me, but now find myself a little obsessed over the fact that the unfinished version of the picture is the one that’s featured! Oh my. The internet is such a capricious realm.

    No harm done, obviously (save my easily bruised ego) – I’ve garnered quite a few clicks from your post.

    Thanks – Gabriel Garbow

    • meezletoe July 17, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

      I was also wondering about that at first! Haha, I can imagine, I had tried to edit it the first time to feature the finished version, and that’s when I found out how wordpress reblogs work.
      I’m glad for it! I’m showing it off after all, so I’m glad it’s been successful, hehe. Nice to know people really do click if you ask them too, so long as you’re enthusiastic about it~
      Thanks for visiting! 🙂 Still enjoying your blog! Hah!

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