I’m going to study root words for anatomy…

16 Jul

I think that’ll make it easier.

Medical root words. Oh geez, I think my grandmother’s niece-type is here. I’ve never met her before….she’s old too…..I should have said hi already…..


and my sister and I have been bickering all day. but whatever. -__- and Roberto is annoying me, currently.

What do I want to do today……as in what else….we’re supposed to cook….but my sister is bothering me….ehh…maybe I’ll just cook it myself and watch Sherlock on my laptop…..though people will probably complain.

Also my stepmom and dad might not be divorcing, HAH! That intervention thing might actually have worked.

And my “L” key isn’t working so I’m copy and pasting it most of the time. Yup. Not capital L’s though.

Here, watch.

I ove the show My Fair ady. I mean movie not show. Haaaah. I heard Juie Andrews was up for the roe but it didn’t work out. I think Audrey Hepburn made more sense too though (how woud I know, but) just because Juie Andrews is so refined and cassy and I don’t know if she could’ve brought that initia air of vugarity that Audrey brought, hahahhah so awfu.

Okay, see. Wala. Walah. Voila. Woooooooooooooow


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