i think i might be infp

17 Jul

or i feel like


also i want to enter something forensics

and i don’t feel like talking

i feel drained

it would’ve been nice to be intp but that’s fine, i’ll just develop that extroverted thinking function more or something.

i hear sherlock is considered intp but watson once described him (in the books) as his extreme cool rational nature really just being something of an expression of the contrast between his actual personality, hohoho

well if i was intp i’d probably have just proudly proclaimed him to be ‘ours’

I don’t know why i care so much, i’ve been wondering this since i was 14 or 15. (before sherlock, mind you! I kept switching from INFP to INTP and back – not like 51% this, more like 80% this one day, 80% the other another day). And I didn’t prefer any much, but I slowly started preferring Thinking to Feeling because I started hating emotions. Or ugly displays of them. I tried to be ultra-rational when dealing with them and other’s as a result, but you know….and I started hating them in other people…..kinda messed up. I got tired of them, and it made me a become a little more easily tired when dealing directly or not, with other people….

so I hoped that I’d turn out to really truly be INTP

and I keep hoping it, but my results aren’t consistent.

So there, in case I haven’t explained it.

But I think I’m too emotional and self-obsessed and closeted up and lazy and shy….wait. No, I mean…wow hoooow did I even get to that…..

I’ve forgotten now. Oh right. I don’t talk enough about interests here or have the….yeah I’m probably extroverted thinking.

Whatever, drained, byeee. oh yeah, and happy birthday to me! hahaha. and I have a left handed poem ready from yesterday, and I’ll make another tonight. To keep practicing. It’ll be very useful when I take notes and write essays anyway. I got a whole month. shit. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCK T^T


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