Left-Handed Chronicles: 6

29 Aug


You may possess my heart, but I possess your soul, the GOAL is to possess you whole, you KNOW my intentions, my most prized possession, is to inflict on your complexion, the most ardent expression, of my intensely loving devotion and afflicting affection – phew what a mouthful. Let me show you instead. Let me show you what real love is. Let me show you instead. All you need is me, and you’ll not be wanting of a shred, my sweet, you’ll not be wanting to be fed, my pet, I’ll take care of everything, my love, I’ll take care of them all too, my dear so don’t worry about a thing pet. I’ll be your mother, father, brother, I’ll be your sister, lover, uncle, because why split into pieces what you can have in one? Why split into pieces…

(I know a lot of amateur poets try that rookie yandere stuff at least once, and probably a couple try to make it clever, and if any of them are cringe-inducing, this is probably one of them. As typical, I had an idea (and it wasn’t developed, perhaps my biggest mistake) and the execution failed because I’ve not the skill yet. But I’ll probably revisit this in the future.)


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