4 Sep

Gabriel Garbow | Artworks

Has anyone ever stopped to think how strange it is that the word “handsome” has nothing to do with hands?  The same goes for the antiquated word, “toothsome” which also, curiously, means good-looking.

What is it about modern American English that we feel the need to say “pretty” in so many different ways that we just start re-purposing random body parts like teeth and hands?

How else could this technique be applied? Could we coin even more words like . . .

  • Navelsome
  • Heelsome
  • Lashsome

. . . And what would they mean? Attractive again, or something else.

Anyhow, I’m bucking the trend in this post and using the word “Hand-some” in reference to some actual hands.  Or at least one actual hand.

This one:

There were some challenges in working on this piece.  The first had to do with the set-up.

As usual, it’s tricky to hold a pose like…

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