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TV Convo with Sister who we shall henceforth call Merk

7 Jul
Sister (watching tv): Good thing he doesn’t live in [city-of-my-university]! (dies laughing)
Me: What?
Sister (laughing): He lives in [city-of-my-university] and his dad said he’d be right there and drove. It took him 5 minutes! If it was us it would’ve taken 4 hours! You’d be dead! HAHAHAAHAHA
Sister: you could’ve just asked nicely…
Me: …I already said this yesterday!
Sister: [dies] Omg I was about to say ‘my bad’
Me: Haha I hadn’t even said it to you.
Me: Shut. Up.
Sister: Noooo you need to watch it. It’s good! I’ve watched it twice now!
Me: NO.

From my facebook:

Merk just called a TV announcer a skank because she thinks his delivery is too fake.
-July 07, 2012 11:03AM BIO.HD (ch.266 directTV in [city, state])

[these are follow up comments I made xD]

  • ‎”are you telling people…?”
  •  ‎”That’s so….dumb. I’m going to record it. I want to laugh at them”
  • “Oh this is going to be funny”

Merk (looking at an old picture): “Look at Zim when he was bald. There’s Roberto when he had beautiful eyes. And there’s Salman.”
Me: …what happened to Roberto’s eyes?


I don’t know why it won’t let me just press enter where  I want….>_>

Downloading Mother Earth Contest

14 Oct

PLEEEASE….Or recommend! I entreat you! I’m losing! There are pictures in this post. 😉

Here is the summary from my Sim’s description-

“My sister and I, the un-hideous Meezletoe, are in a competition to see whose Sim is the best Earth Element sim. So, we’re deciding that by seeing whose sim gets the most downloads. She told me she was kinda going for the modern look so I decided to not make mine wear jeans. Then I realized she was being totally incoherent, but it’s too late now. She just called me a nerd. Bwahahah. Alright so download and rec please. Mine’s better. Etc. :D”

And here is my sister’s –

“im the wonderful sister of hideous meezletoe, so me and it are in a competition to see whose beautiful, and not so beautiful’s earthy look-alike sim will get the most downloads. My sim is suppose to look a little classic but also modern like hippyish (bare feet is the hippy part) earthy sim type.”

Her sim was uploaded first, so she wrote her description before I did.

These are our sims:

AVANI EARTHA~! (meezletoe still sucks at names)


I have a reason for everything. -.- I thought everything very carefully for this sim. Her traits are Artistic, Over-emotional, Green Thumb, Loves The Outdoors, and Vegetarian. My sister made her sim first, and I gave her the OK to go back and tweak hers – but not the traits. Then she found out about Vegetarian and Green Thumb after I picked it -MUHAHAHAHA! So I sold her Green Thumb for a glass of hot cocoa. -.- And I did Over-Emo because of crazy earthquakes and stuff – Mother Earth yo, werd.

Erin Forest (meezletoe has no comment on the name)


I told her she reminded me of Illusen at first (from Neopets…hehehe…I WAS 10, SUE ME! *slamsdoor* Its changed a lot since I’ve been there though..o.o;;) And here are her traits: Frugal, Good, Green Thumb, Loves The Outdoors, and Friendly. She had reasons for these, but they made me laugh. I think I took a more literal perspective, but her reasoning was funny. Still Frugal makes some sense since the Earth uses everything, but I thought it was more indifferent to it’s hosts than friendly (Suddenly gets an image of Sesshomaru). *stares at nails vainly*…I WILL NOT FLATTER OR ADVERTISE HER CREATION – SHE CAN SPAM ABOUT HER PERSON HERSELF *RAWR*….*coughcough*

So – GO RECOMMEND MINE! (shameless) Or download, but if not, I need a loophole people! Here is my sim’s link –

And since I have to be fair – bleh – here is my sister’s! –

They’re both in my studio anyways. 😛 She doesn’t have her own account – teh Sims game siz mine. muhahahaha….

I’m losing….My sim has 3 downloads. And my sister has 51. -.- Its rivaling one of my favorite sims – Stringy T_T, who has 52 downloads.

To be honest, I had a feeling this would happen – not because whenever we upload our self-sims to my studio hers always gets into the 40-100 range (while mine gets 10-25 T_T). The reason I felt hers would get more downloads is cause I am an insane person…and her sim is Barbie-ish. o_o

Here’s how the contest convo went, after my stemming-out-of-boredom taunting her while she remained mostly indifferent:

Me (hanging off the couch lazily): The way we’ll judge who’s is better is by uploading it and seeing who’s gets the most downloads.

Sister (suddenly perks up): OK! Lets do that.

Me (half-faking uneasiness in order to make her feel more competitive): Wait….

Sister: NO! HAH! TOO LATE, ITS DONE! We’re doing it!

Me (actually feeling slightly uneasy and recognizes this – then hides this by pretending to be egomaniacal and doesn’t care too much if I win or lose since I’m bored and want my sister to play sims in a way that’ll interest me and give me some PC power): PSH, THATS NOT IT! I don’t care I’m gonna win anyway. You suck. NYAAAAAH.

Sister: hahaha I’m so gonna win.

Me: Tell you what – I’ll even let you go back and edit yours after I’m done, since mine is gonna be so awesome.

Sister: Cool. I’m still gonna win.

I think she was confident because she really did know she was gonna win. Because she’s more mainstream than me T_T. So the weird style/stuff I make doesn’t get as many downloads. WAAA….

And to give myself another loophole and way of gaining the upperhand 😀 (opportunistic sneaky person? Don’t worry, she’ll see this eventually. I’m just being resourceful,  siz all -.- <–[liar])…HERE IS A POLL I WANT YOU TO VOTE ON – REAL QUICK, I PROMISE ;).

Or comment even, pleazeiz.

On a side-note. I re-uploaded the Good and Evil Sims – they were taken down because of my paranoia and cause I liked them too much, but now I want to show them off – HAHAHHAHA.

And….as usual, Evil has the lead in downloads – by a lot. -_- What does this mean? They’re identical excpet for the colors.

Look! The light-angel one obviously has a better picture – it’s a bit surprising how nice it looks for a first try-

And then this demon here:

Ironically, as of…well, for two days now, Good-Nice-Light Angel has 13 downloads XD. Thirteen.

Evil Lady here has 32. That’s a big difference in Meezletoe-Average-Downloads. HAH, accidental acronym. MADs. XD

UNO CONVOQUOTES – will add more after I start playing

5 Oct

Sister: I FOUND UNO!!

Me: You didn’t even look there did you?

Sister: I didn’t looked on top.

Me: hmmpf.

Mom: mmmmh (long groan) Please go to your room..I want to sleep.


Mom: I’m serious. Grandma is sleeping too, so don’t wake her up..I don’t need noise right now.

Us: bahahahhaa

Mom: I’m serious….

Me: Ok, ok, we’ll go, I promise.

ConvoQuotes- 9/15

5 Oct

Me: Biggest disappointment of my life.

Sister: I love it when you say charming things like that

Me: They come from my heart.

(after sister burns Enchilada-bribe)

History Teacher: Yea, after I finish grading all the crap you guys gave me..

Kid: Hey!

HT: Oh, by crap I mean ‘hard work,’ of course. 😉 hehe..

Kid: Ok then.

Kid: My grandfather chased a bear into the woods. And look where he is now. He’s very successful.

(after debating the irrationality of a human trying to fight with a bear)

That’s all I remember right now.


23 Aug

I am. I need to get committed to my homework, my grades are already suffering and some people aren’t even in school yet!
They’re suffering….That is an understatement. And they shoudn’t be, I love my classes. I’m just a lazy, undeserving, unworthy, daydreaming [self-loathing], arrogent, etc. idiot. I gotta focus! BLAH!
A Sims Legacy or story should be left to people who can actually…do that! I’m so suckish. I want to delete a bunch of stuff off of my blog and just use these posts to rant and vent about nothingness, and put the weirdest possible tags eva.
This is in quickpress thing, on my laptop, in meh room, with my homework staring at me and I’m wondering what my vocab paper wants me to do exactly (copy from book, or do what I did last year?).
Cooking=just telling you. I’m trying to drop math right now and take a different sort of class in the spring (not in high school….something else).
I am not deleting my posts! No, no, no, this will be like….a notebook! I try not to rip anything out of them. You can’t rip memories out of your brain either, you know? Can’t suck ’em up with a vaccum, chop them into pieces as they scream in terror, stuff them into a paper shredder, set them on fire and laugh as their blood splatters all over your glasses, eh? No matter how evil they are or haunting, or ungrateful to you for letting them live with you? Nope.
I’m imagining my mom doing this to me right now. She comes home soon. She is angry at me for subconsciously trying to ruin my own future. I really don’t blame her, but it is annoying to be nagged. I feel sorry for her. T_T
I have comics. But I want to color them. I just realized how much I suck. At comics. I’m well-aware of my other many shortcomings.
I used to send emails similar to this to my English teacher, last year. She worried about me, I think. I didn’t curse though. Mostly I said stuff like I’m melting, or pulling my eyelashes out or something.
No, I do not cut myself. Or do any drugs, or drink. I *am* quiet at school, and it takes me about 2 years, I noticed, to make friends and be comfortable around them, but it’s always up to chance.
The clock says 4PM on the laptop. It’s like 10. I changed it so I didn’t look at it and get sleepy. My room clock (haha) is facing the wall. I hate alarms. I want to smash one into debree one day. And I’d like to carry a baseball bat around, or keep one next to my bed in case a burglar crashes into my bedroom through the window.
Kyaa. Manga. Skip-Beat. ♫
Music notes are so nice, are they not? Yes? Question Mark? Is this a poem? I assure you, it’s not. British people. Train of thought. Choo-Choo. Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Cheesy movies. Innocence is overrated. No it’s not. Kids can be evil. Kids can be nice. Something else. Celine Dion – My heart will go on, in the movie titanic. NO THIS IS NOT A MOVEMENT.
Goodbye!! ^^ 🙂 (the yellow default smiley for that looks half-hearted and normal. Like, heh, yah, fake laugh/slash/grin.)

edit: She didn’t kill me. I think she’s trying to motivate me now. She does that sometimes. First she’ll be like, “YOUR GRADES SUCK, WHAT THE HELL?!” (she doesn’t cuss…like that, I’m just putting her feelings into my words), but then later she’ll be like “Come on, your grades aren’t that bad, I know you can do it. Woot! Don’t give up!” Maybe she’s trying out different techniques.

For English, we have to do one of those college research…thingies. I’M GETTING SO DAMN SICK OF THOSE, but I like this one now. I’ve discovered something beautiful – it’s called a “HUMANITIES MAJOR.”

Wooo…. 😮

And my drawing teacher at school said I should get into one of them Illustration Major things. I had no clue what she was talking about, but I thought she meant for like, children books, or something. I made a face like, “ehh…eh?” I think. So, I know what she’s talking about now, and I’m happy she said that….People tend to carelessly throw that around, I think. “You should be a cartoonist” or something similar, but at least it came from an art teacher this time….Still….

Anyways.  The other one is Human Biology. I’m not disinterested in that one, and I could become a doctor with that. Or any major, but that one is more related and important – it makes sense anyways. And a doctor is a good job, I’d be helping people, and I could open a free clinic back in…..

hehehe….You might be thinking “do I really want this person operating on me?”

HAHAHAHHA! I was thinking the same thing, you see, me being a doctor not being….well, suited to my temperment and personality…and brain. But, I know I have a serious mode, you see, and I don’t have to be a surgeon whateva. It’s the deciding and the choices and the being involved in other people’s…mortality or that involved in fate and people and…wow. That’s what worries me. People asking me, “doc, what should I do,” [hehe..doc] or something. That’s scary.

Then there’s the whole “GET OVER IT!!” thing.

I was in the kitchen, pouring myself some Coke in a smallish cup and I let it pour for too long and it got all fizzy and was starting to foam over. So I said “AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!! AGH-AGH-AGH!!”
I have a sort of high-pitched scream thing. Like when you hear girls in animes yell “KYAAAAAAA!!”

I say Kya too actually.

And then my mom said “[my name], YOU NEED TO STOP DOING THAT!!” And I said, “What?! 😀 Do I do that a lot?” and she said “Yes!” and I said “What’s wrong?” and my sister said “It’s scary!” and I said “Oh wow, really?!” and about 2 seconds of silence after my mom looked at me, I said “It’s cause of this!” and I raised the cup of soda that almost fizzed over up and said “I was scared it was gonna fizz over” and she said “Do you need to scream for that?!” and I said “…Yes! I gotta do something!!!” It wasn’t a serious conversation, it was kinda funny, and my mom talks differently. Like sharp and sarcastic and quick. She says “Goooosh.” She has an accent, and I get comments from my friends like “your mom is so cute.” They think we look similar because we’re both smallish in frame but we don’t look that similar really, but we have some things in common. ^^ She is pretty though, and funny.

Doctors are highly respected where she/I come from too. If you’re a doctor, you’re a king.


If you’re an artist, blah, I think. More realist and stuff….It’s hard. My mom says I can be a doctor and a cartoonist or eh..writer or whatever. Not interested much in writing. I’m not that talented there. I’m too dweebish. I love that word. hahhaha…dweebish.





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My cousin who doesn’t live here said I should be a writer. I think he wants me to be one. I have a myspace I don’t go on and made a couple of crazy blogs randomally, so when I asked how he knew about how I write he mentioned my blogs and comments and stuff. That was nice. He’s a really nice guy, and is family oriented. I think I say dumb things sometimes. I hate it. He must be going through some hard stuffs. He’s 20-something. 23? Anyways, I said my mom said I could be a doctor and that, and he said something like “eh, well, yeah she’s right, you could do that.”

^^; :\

kyaa….-_-…Damn teenage angst. At least we got a label for it now. Damn angst, damn angst. Or maybe it’s just normal teen issues. But I’m not too normal I think. Definitely not. But what is normal, right? 🙂 I don’t really get it.

AGH, contradictions. And this word, dadism. Dada-ism? It makes me laugh, the word. ^^

edit: Sorry XD. This has been bugging me and I’d been planning to edit it. This blog has never been more than PG-13 if you’re considering language – the worst thing I’ve ever said is dammit. XD

Hm. This post can be considered Meezletoe’s version of teen angsting XD. Well, not really. :$ I’ve written angstier things. Lol. Angstier. XD

Convo-Quotes>> July 22

22 Jul

>>6 Year old brother: If you have gray teeth, will the tooth fairy give you gray dollars?

>>3 Year old brother: ♪ What to do, what to do? ♪ *pulls shirt* Do, what to do.

>>Sister: You just give a new meaning to the word weird.

Me: Really?? 😀 :O ♥

Sister:….o_o…It just gets weirder and weird. -_-

Now we’re watching an infomercial on one of those hair-styling and heating iron…things. (for the record, my favorite Infomercial is the Magic Bullet thing, but the ones we bought actually burned out after a couple of months.)

Sister: WOOOOOW…:D ♥

Me: Why do you want white people hair? Our hair defies gravity. It reaches up towards the sky because that’s how much potential we have. XD

Sister: Woooow….

Me: Are you listening to me? -_-

Sister: Yeah I heard you, now shuttup. 😀

Sister: It does work, I’m watching it right now, that girl’s hair was tough too!

Me: No…they probably used a..special shampoo or something.

Sister: No.

Me: But she wasn’t even African. Our hair is…wild.

Sister: Shuttup.

Me: It’s alive. Her’s isn’t alive, it didn’t even fight back.

Sister: *siiiigh*


Ok, my sister is angry at me. She wants to sleep now, and it’s 1 AM.

Man. I keep coming back. At least you don’t have to worry about me not being committed to this blog. :\

Sister: Useless…mongoose. (mumbles)

I haven’t even finished Hamlet yet. By the way, Shakespeare is haard. I think it’s one of those things that makes more sense each time you read it. And look stuff up online.

Sister: I will get you back for this. I will have my revenge. You hear me?

Me: Mmhmm.

Sister: You will…Rue! You will rue this day….I hate that stupid keyboard. 

Anyways…Hopefully..for me…I don’t come back tomorrow. But I need to help someone with homework tonight….So…I am going to…be on this computer..tonight. @_@

Yep. I feel like I should be saying something else, but I can’t think of anything/it. So…okay, bye.

And I’m naming the mysterious voter, Hanky, temporarily. Until I can think of something better. I hope it doesn’t stick though.

Hehehe, just wait until I upload a picture. Bwahahahhaha…..

SisBro Convo-Quote

19 Jul

(brother tells or asks sister about somehing he’s going to do. I didn’t hear it.)

Sister: Go ahead. DO IT.

8-Year Old Brother: You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?


My sister was using a sort of disinterested, monotone, but possbly threatning voice while she was texting.

I think my brother is finally catching on. 😮 (btw, that was a real question).