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Goopy Carbonara

19 Oct

This is Carbonara, btw. I realize it’s not goopy, but I guess it’d be more like soup or something if it was (imagines paste instead -_-).

Kriss: So…how was school?

Meeza: Er…

Well…um…what happened was-

Kriss: Don’t give me that uncertain crap! If you’ve got the nerve to disobey me and ditch school then at least be assertive about it when you confess!

You’re a coward! This is your first day in school and the second in this neighborhood and you spend all day goofing off and breaking the law! I was wondering if you were gonna show up here at all!

I’m really disappointed in you….

So…after being scolded by my own creation my sim felt like moping. And got hungry soon after. Nothing cures misery better than starvation.

Though I suppose it depends what kind of food it is….

Me: What’re you eating?

Meeza: Some food that Kriss made.


Meeza: Well..yes. But its just that Kriss likes all her food burnt….

Me: No, no, throw it away! Agh! Gross. Make something else =.=

Yeah, cook some of that Goopy Carbonara stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

The goop reflects the mess I presently am experiencing within.

Me: Oh-so-Emo. ~โ™ช

The boiling of the goop symbolizes the melting of my goopy soul.

Me: What does it mean if you eat it?

Meeza: Something horrible and mysterious, I’m sure.


Me: That expression…-_-…it looks a lot like me. *shivers*

Of course, despair doesn’t mean a person’s brain functionality will be enhanced. -_-; Even if it is some sort of art form.

Me: You were about to sleep, you genius, you.

Meeza: Oh right.

*crickets chirp* XD

Mission 1 – Don’t be Boring

11 Oct

Ahhh~~ this is great. No rules, no homework – just great scenery and the calm music that’s playing in my head.

Me: Yeah, you said it. :’D *type type space enter*

Meeza: Alright I’m bored….


…I’ll go read a good book! ๐Ÿ˜€

Me: NO YOU DON’T! There, see that Ursine woman? Go make friends with her.

Meeza: Isn’t that Kriss’ enemy or something? Why would I make friends with her?

Me: Isn’t this too intense of a screenshot for you to be wondering something like that? Because I said so. Unless you can think of something more exciting than reading a book.

Meeza: Hmm…I guess you’re right.

Meeza: The newspaper is much more intense!!

Me: NO!

Meeza: Yes it is.

Me: Obey me. Anyways, making friends with the enemy of your roommate will add some drama to the story. Especially since you haven’t been getting along so hot lately. And since she’s a criminal, it might make the audience worried that you’re going to the dark side. Call her over.


Me: What’re you doing?!?

Meeza: She works in the Criminal Career, doesn’t she? o_o I’m talking like one of those smooth mobster guys.


Me: This is just ridiculous. I didn’t say serenade her.

Me: Yeah, compensate by making weird faces. Bad to the bone, baby.

Meeza: Hello, Mrs. Ursine!

Emma Hatch: What?

After realizing our blunder, we decided it would be best for her to –


Well..Yes, that.

In TS3, there are no Bike Lanes…muhahahaha…
>>Turns out, this woman here is Claire Ursine. Heh heh heh…(dark and insane manic grin) Thanks Conner. XD

I love the feeling of riding a bike really fast on a sunny, breezy day. The sun is so warm so the wind doesn’t chill your ears. The air is perfect, and the atmosphere pleasant. It’s like diving into a pool of golden light.

Meeza: You haven’t been on a bike for a year.

Meeza: Ok, ok I get it! D:<

Me: What?

Meeza: I made it.

Me: It wasn’t that far.

Meeza: I thought I was gonna be caught by an adult or the police or something.

Me: Aaah…So, what’re you gonna do?

Meeza: kyyaaaaaa~~!! *happy dance*

(James Bond Music – just for this image XD)

Meeza: It’s …BEAUTIFUL!! X’O


Me: Easy now.

I thought I’d help her improve her writing skill a little instead of just reading. That wish still hasn’t be fulfilled yet.

Meeza: You ain’t helpin’ nothin’. What am I writing?

Me: *ignores* You’re gonna be late for work. Go take a shower at the gym real quick since it’s closer.

Meeza: Wait…what do I –


Me: Gosh, absent-minded sims, man….

*mad dash*

She made it…by -10 minitues I think.

(after work now)

Me: Did you get your head bitten off?

Meeza: I worked very hard today, thank you.

Me: I’m guessing that’s how it always is the first day on the job.

Walking alone…at night…passing alleyways….


You really don’t look safe, you know? XD


Today was a good day. I’m glad I ditched.

Me: Keep in mind that if a real life adult had seen you, you’d be smoke. should hurry home. I heard they’re strict on curfew, for some reason.

Meeza: I’ll probably make it back before it’s past curfew. (hasty rationalization XD)

A couple hundred years later…as I’m waiting for my sim…a kid walks out, alone. I took it quite personally.

*aaagh* She’s gonna get caught by the police on the second day of her existence! T_T

About time! Hurry up, lets go before somebody –

AGH! TOO LATE! There are spies everywhere! RUN!!


Come ooon, you can peddle faster than that!

Meeza: The pressure!

Carefully now….

Meeza: Looks like I’m safe ๐Ÿ˜€

Meeza: haha (relieved), I guess Kriss isn’t home ye-


Kriss: Hello โ™ฅ

Meeza: YEEEEEEEE~~ (high pitched ‘yee’ of horror)

Demon Kriss has awoken.


11 Oct

Alright, you’re gonna think this is really bad..Audience.

But you know what – I think I might let her skip school.

This is Sims, dammit! If I can’t do it in real life, I’ll do it in here! And there aren’t any guardians who can disapprove of my choice either.

Kriss: *LEGASP* She hasn’t left yet?!

Meeza: Yeaah, I can miss at least one day of school. Who’s gonna stop me?

I’ll just stay home andย  read all day! I’ll still be learning – and I’ll be more rested for work too.


Me: Eh…Meeza, I think she wants to talk.

Kriss (thinking): *siiiigh* Why wasn’t she created with her own parents….

..You know, I don’t really have to do this. She might end up killing me off anyway, since I’m not a necessary character.

Yeah, this really isn’t my responsibility. She wants to ruin her future – fine! Nothing to do with me!

(Meeza [to me, v.i.a. telepathy]: *brightens up* I wonder if she supports my idea – she looks like she was the delinquent type)

Kriss: GAAH!!

(Me: Why would you say that? Is it because she told you she used to set toilet paper on fire?

Meeza: Well, that…but she does have the daredevil trait…and her clothing style –)

Kriss: Yo,we need to talk.

(Meeza: YES! The bonding process begins!)

Me: No you idiot, she’s gonna lecture you. Prepare to be scolded, loser.


*streeetch* I’m ready. *glint*

Kriss: Look, loser, go to school, it’s not that big of a deal.

Meeza: Whaat…Is that what the lecture’s about?

Kriss: If you don’t go to school, you end up doing a lot of stupid stuff. Like developing pyromania and becoming a homeless hitchhiker for a week with no memory of how it happened….

Kriss:…getting lost in your own neighborhood, being stalked by cats, eating out of the dumpster of KFC, getting into fights with old ladies holding knitting needles, jousting with a janitor….

Meeza: What sort of life have you had?!

Me: Guess you were right about the delinquent thing….o_o Even I haven’t heard this story before.

Kriss: The main point is that school is good, and you gotta go. Right?

Meeza: Yeah, yeah, of course, you’re right. -.-

โ™ช ~tra la la la la ~ tra la la la la~ tra la la la la – la la la la~ โ™ซ


Me: I think, Kriss….you should’ve escorted her or-


First Day of School?

5 Oct

Good morning….Me. -_-

Meeza: Morning…

You’re looking particularly somber today. Anything on your mind? Hm?!

Like school maybe?

Meeza: Tch.

I can read your mind you know…

Meeza: Oh?

Me: Yes, oh.

I saw the wishes you rolled.

What do you expect me to say about something like that?

About you wanting to ditch school?!?!

Meh Story

15 Sep

I’m thinking, since I’m bout’ to do somethin’ else anyways, hehe, that I could maybe stop the story and just have it be my day as a Sim sorta thing.

Obviously I’m one of those people who start something but doesn’t finish them….

But I hadn’t planned on this being a story anyways, so NYEEEEH….:P

That way I could just have random Sim-episodes whenever I feel like it. I already am, but not like THAT I mean. Like a story. I should change it to Simesodes. bwahahah…

Or maybe I’ll just keep on going and just let you know while it’s happening? That way, no ripped pages or ending stuffs.

Oh good, this ties in well with what’s about to happen…nothing too exciting, muhahahah.

Night at the Museum, Part 2

7 Sep

I’m hungry….So I take a risk and let my Sim start cooking. I guess she knows what she’s doing.


Don’t get cocky, it’s just Mac & Cheese.


Though I admit, I’ve never made Mac and Cheese beyond the instant kind.

Back at the Museum things have taken a turn for the worse.

And I’m happy about it. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ I’m gonna make that lady cry. Muhahahha….

They start yelling at each other, calling each other names….Though Kriss is the one getting more infuriated.

Cue the arrogant glare.

…and try to smooth things over with a common interest.

…It doesn’t seem to be working. They’re both getting bored.

Claire takes advantage of the opportunity and takes the first jab.


Kriss: “I’m warning you lady, one more and you’ll be the one eating flies for breakfast!”

Hooray, the Mac and Cheese is ready! ๐Ÿ˜€

Claire: “Excuse me, but I’m not a cannibal. Not like you maybe.”

Kriss: “What, now you’re calling yourself an insect?! If I looked like you, I’d probably have low self-esteem too! hah!”

Kriss: “Now get out of my museum, I was here first and everybody wants you out! I can feel it in my blood!”

Mortimer: siiiigh…

They stop for a moment and realize that they both have the same…stupid trait.

They laugh a bit, reflecting on how ridiculous the whole situation is….


Claire: Oh gosh, what is that smell?! When’s the last time you took a shower?!

Kriss: TIS THE STENCH OF YOUR LOSER-DOM! And I took a shower just half-an-hour ago, thank you kindly!

Yumm….Mac and Cheese….nom nom nom…


Kriss does not appreciate Yo Momma jokes (if you’re my friend on TS3 website and read my dead story, you might know why). She demands to be taken home.


Me: What is it?

Meeza-Sim: I suddenly feel a viciously bloodthirsty and volatile atmosphere directly behind me….It wants to kill….

Oh, Kriss is home. ๐Ÿ˜€

Meeza: She looks angry….Maybe I should ask her if anything’s wrong? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

*minor spasmodic freak-out*

Meeza: Ummm, I recently just felt a very dark and murderous spirit of fury, and it ended up being yours….

Me: Nice. -_-

Meeza:…Aaaand, I was wondering if anything unpleasant had happened to you today.

Kriss: Well, yeah actually, this lady at the Art Museum started yelling at me and we got into a fight….

Then my sim said something that sounded sort of like, “durr.” Kriss got mad, and told me to go to bed.

I don’t think I helped any. T_T

I guess I said the wrong thing…again? ^^; hehehe….

siiiiigh….Anyways, like Kriss said, it’s time for bed.

It’s been a long and mildly crazy day….What with moving in, reading three books, getting a job, Kriss getting into a fight with the first person she’s met in the new town, and eating Mac & Cheese….

…I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to fall as-


*murmurr….kill…destroy…the sea witch…*

Good night. ^^

Night at the Museum, Part 1 XD

7 Sep

Kriss made it to the Art Gallery….And she met Claire Ursine there….

Personally, I dislike Ms. Ursine. I have a bad experience with her. She robbed Kriss’ house before in a previous game (but my insane Meezletoe sim beat her to a pulp. Win!).

Kriss seems to be getting along with her alright though…so far.

They seem to disagree on the artist’s use of color in the painting next to them.

…Claire is listening intently on Kriss’ argument. Her stare freaks me out.

…and they’ve reached a consensus. ^^ โ™ฅ

Maybe they’ll be friends this time?