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1 Aug

hahahah sorry

Ok….I’m not too hyper so probably I won’t be ranting right now 🙂 Not in that sorta energetic mood XD

So I changed my About page and made some posts that bugged me not public and CHANGED THE LAYOUT OOOOOH SNAP XDDD, so yes. So I won’t be making a new blog at all. The current theme though is sorta on probation until it feels right. The other one felt more like my blog since I got used to it [even in the beginning, I got used to it fast].

Ehh…yeah. I’ll probably post pictures and stuff here in the future. Idk.

Weird mood.

Ok bye. Here’s a picture of a hamster to compensate for the short page:


Myers-Briggs- Thinking/Feeling alternating XDDD

31 May

If you know about that one personality test with 16 results – you can get ESTJ or INFP [Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging/Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving].

I keep alternating from Thinking to Feeling based on my mood XDDD…;;; Over the years I mean P: I’ve been taking it since middle school and then I started taking it by my own initiative, online. In high school it became IN_P [set in stone, werd, though the Introverted part also becomes a higher or lower percentage sometimes, based on my mood]. But Feeling and Thinking usually switch percentages [if you’re 40% introverted, on sites with graph-types it shows you’re 60% extraverted]. On that popular site -.- where you can make like small banners and stuff with your results – – (for siggys or profiles etc) this is what I got last time:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Thinking

84%- Perceiving

= (Engineer/Intellectual) or “Architect/Rationals” according to some person.

The time before that, everything was the exact same percentage except for Thinking, where the percentages about swapped with Feeling. I think it may have been a percentage or two off, I don’t remember. =_= So…uh…obligatory list:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Feeling [about]

84%- Perceiving

=(Dreamer/Visionaries) “Healer/Idealist” – hehe also known as the Fairytale Prince/Princess.

I took it again today and got:

89% – Introverted

74% – Intuitive

63% – Thinking

79 – Perceiving

INTP again. =__=

So I think it might be starting to balance off – or I’m in a balanced sorta mood. Though if I keep switching from T to F etc based on my mood, I’m probably an INFP anyway (HAH). Either way both personality types are super rare BWAHAHAHA, both are like 2% if the population, hehehe. I heard someone say that your preferences don’t become set until you’re like 21 or 23 or something, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Anyway the moral of the story is Meez is bipolar or has some sorta split personality issue in every part of her personality. To be honest, it makes more sense if I’m INFP cause I daydream all the time and I’m not really an intellectual -.-;;. But at the same time I’m not very sensitive or ‘healer-iffic’ either, or emotional/empathetic – I’m more with ze mind POV when it comes to emotions.

Ya, take it here: za best.

[Or blogthings, its quicker….I took it there first and got those same results.

Tell me what you get!! >:)

Top Searches to get to my Blog

16 May

Everytime I look I laugh or…get a perplexed expression on my face. So I thought I’d share.

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This is ‘quarter’ – I don’t think there’s anything extra except some slavic letters, but here anyway:

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My laptop is fixed

11 May

Hooray -.-
Maybe I’ll get rid of this blog and put it on private and let a couple people have access to it only, since they are special and all.
I kinda want to make a new one, since this one is a mess in my head and I have been separated from it since birth for a long time.
And also I feel woozy. So yeahs. Many things. Trials and journeys have wearied the great Meez. She falls like the great tower of piza haz, many times many years ago.
Z’s are so amazing, aren’t they?
Yeah, so just saying. X-)
Excuse me now, as I dunk my head into the toilet.
p.s. I am going to university this fall. love, dan. HAHAHAHA!


21 Mar

(eh, this post is from simpass, but I thought I’d just post it here too [edited though])

My uncle is sending my Laptop to Toshiba soon. We already put the Laptop in the box. It should be fixed this month, I think, and in any case it has to be sent within 10 days, so ze adults don’t have a choice, muhahaha. (Hope it gets fixed before break is over ). When I get it back we’ll probably get a router, since we have to buy new virus protection (can’t find the box anywhere cause I hid it…). I’m probably gonna move/install Sims on my laptop since apparently my PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Sims [grr – I haven’t been playing sims either –__-] if my laptop can handle it.So I’ll see ye all later.

@Conner – Holla! XD

@Mikayla – Yo. 😀


27 Dec

We the people of Eritrea, united in a common struggle for our rights and common destiny, standing on the solid ground of unity and justice bequeathed by our martyrs and combatants: With Eternal Gratitude to the scores of thousands of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the causes of our rights and independence, during the long and heroic revolutionary struggle for liberation, and to the courage and steadfastness of our Eritrean patriots;
Aware that it is the sacred duty of all Eritreans to build a strong and developed Eritrea on the bases of freedom, unity, peace, stability and security achieved through the long struggle of all Eritreans, which tradition we must cherish, preserve and develop;
Realising that in order to build a developed country, it is necessary that the unity, equality, love for truth and justice, self-reliance, and hard work, which we nurtured during our revolutionary struggle for independence and which helped us to triumph, must become the core of our national values;
Appreciating the fact that for the development and health of our society, it is necessary that we inherit and improve upon the traditional community-based assistance and fraternity, love for family, respect for elders, mutual respect and consideration;
Convinced that the recognition, protection and securing of the rights and freedoms of citizens, human dignity, equality will guarantee a balanced development; lay down the groundwork for satisfying the material and spiritual needs of citizens; usher in a democratic order that is responsive to the needs and interests of citizens, guarantees their participation and brings about economic development, social progress and harmony;
Noting the fact that the Eritrean women’s heroic participation in the struggle for independence and solidarity based on equality and mutual respect generated by such struggle will serve as an unshakable foundation for our commitment and struggle to create a society in which women and men shall interact on the bases of mutual respect, fraternity and equality;
Desirous that the Constitution we are adopting will be a covenant between us and the government we will be structuring by our free will and serve as a means for governing in harmony this and the future generation; and for bringing about justice and peace, founded on democracy, national unity and the rule of law;
today …, on this historic date, after active popular participation, approve and solemnly ratify officially, through the Constituent Assembly, this Constitution as the fundamental law of our Sovereign and Independent State of Eritrea.


12 Eritrean Footballers Seek Asylum in Kenya

Eritrea’s national football team, who have gone missing in Kenya, are welcome to return home, officials say. Information Minister Ali Abdu told the BBC they would get a “good welcome” despite “betraying” their country. He confirmed reports that 12 players had not returned from a regional tournament in Kenya. The UN says hundreds of Eritreans flee the country every month amid reports of government repression, poverty and a harsh national service regime.
But the government denies that Eritreans are fleeing and accuses the UN of lying about the figures. Mr Ali told the BBC’s Focus on Africa that the disappearance was “not good news”. But he said: “This is their country. They are entitled to live and work in their country, if they come back.” When the plane returned to the Eritrean capital Asmara from the Cecafa competition for East and Central African nations last week, it was reportedly carrying only the team coach and an official. The government had earlier denied any players were missing. Cecafa head Nicholas Musonye told the BBC programme it was the third time the Eritrean team had failed to return home after a tournament. The AFP news agency says Eritrea’s government tried to stop sportsmen from fleeing in 2007 by forcing all travelling athletes to deposit 100,000 nakfa ($6,600) before leaving the country.”

Resentment and Rations as Eritrea Nears a Crisis

UN Declares Eritrea Ruler ‘Threat To International Peace & Security’

Thirty elderly women have been arrested in Eritrea while praying together, one of their relatives living in the United States has told the BBC.

Requesting anonymity, she said she only found out about her mother when she phoned to speak to her this week…Most of the women belonged to an outlawed evangelical group…The government recognises only four faiths – Islam, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran – and bans gatherings of more than five people….”Nobody’s seen them. She’s not allowed to carry a cell phone,” said the daughter of one of the women taken into custody at the prayer meeting in the capital, Asmara….She told the BBC’s Network Africa programme that her mother met friends to read the Bible and pray every weekend…..”We know that Christians who are imprisoned in Eritrea are mistreated, they face torture,” International Christians Concern’s Jonathan Racho said….According to a recent US State Department report, more than 3,000 Christians from outlawed denominations have been detained since the religious crackdown began in 2002…More than 90% of Eritreans belong to one of four recognised faiths.

UN Warns over East Africa Hunger

New Legacy on

27 Dec