Doppelganger Chapters

Here’s where I’ll list the chapters for my Sims 3 Story thing which I started when I was 16. It is kind of boring and melodramatic to read and for most of it I hadn’t yet developed a plot. But then I had this crazy plan involving butlers that didn’t work out because when I first went to college and returned home my disc was nowhere to be found.

Needless to say, there has never been a schedule, and there isn’t’ one now.

I’ll probably find my disc this summer since we’ve moved into an apartment never, but either way I‘ll probably might just continue this in drawings.   The continuing ‘chapters’ will probably have little resemblance to the story, but heyyyyy, there’s never really been one! Woo!

I was 17 when this began and I was terrible at being a decent human being (writing a story, especially fiction). If I was melodramatic ever, it’s cause I had BIG PLANS so it made it okay! LESSON LEARNED, DO NOT MIX HYPE , CHEESE, AND MELODRAMA. -2013

  1. Welcome to my Story!
  2. First Wishes
  3. Writing Class
  4. Slight Disapointment
  5. To The Bookstore
  6. Job? Check!
  7. Ice-Breaker
  8. Odd-Small Talk
  9. Party Time?
  10. Night at the Museum, Part 1
  11. Night at the Museum, Part 2
  12. First Day of School?
  13. Suspicious
  14. Mission 1 – Don’t be Boring
  15. Goopy Carbonara

Legacy made right before I lost my disc haha!
I’ll try and use the character…??
Also functioning as a flag marking where the 2 year hiatus began and where I begin continuing the story.
(Not soon)

Drawn Chapters:



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