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Downloading Mother Earth Contest

14 Oct

PLEEEASE….Or recommend! I entreat you! I’m losing! There are pictures in this post. 😉

Here is the summary from my Sim’s description-

“My sister and I, the un-hideous Meezletoe, are in a competition to see whose Sim is the best Earth Element sim. So, we’re deciding that by seeing whose sim gets the most downloads. She told me she was kinda going for the modern look so I decided to not make mine wear jeans. Then I realized she was being totally incoherent, but it’s too late now. She just called me a nerd. Bwahahah. Alright so download and rec please. Mine’s better. Etc. :D”

And here is my sister’s –

“im the wonderful sister of hideous meezletoe, so me and it are in a competition to see whose beautiful, and not so beautiful’s earthy look-alike sim will get the most downloads. My sim is suppose to look a little classic but also modern like hippyish (bare feet is the hippy part) earthy sim type.”

Her sim was uploaded first, so she wrote her description before I did.

These are our sims:

AVANI EARTHA~! (meezletoe still sucks at names)


I have a reason for everything. -.- I thought everything very carefully for this sim. Her traits are Artistic, Over-emotional, Green Thumb, Loves The Outdoors, and Vegetarian. My sister made her sim first, and I gave her the OK to go back and tweak hers – but not the traits. Then she found out about Vegetarian and Green Thumb after I picked it -MUHAHAHAHA! So I sold her Green Thumb for a glass of hot cocoa. -.- And I did Over-Emo because of crazy earthquakes and stuff – Mother Earth yo, werd.

Erin Forest (meezletoe has no comment on the name)


I told her she reminded me of Illusen at first (from Neopets…hehehe…I WAS 10, SUE ME! *slamsdoor* Its changed a lot since I’ve been there though..o.o;;) And here are her traits: Frugal, Good, Green Thumb, Loves The Outdoors, and Friendly. She had reasons for these, but they made me laugh. I think I took a more literal perspective, but her reasoning was funny. Still Frugal makes some sense since the Earth uses everything, but I thought it was more indifferent to it’s hosts than friendly (Suddenly gets an image of Sesshomaru). *stares at nails vainly*…I WILL NOT FLATTER OR ADVERTISE HER CREATION – SHE CAN SPAM ABOUT HER PERSON HERSELF *RAWR*….*coughcough*

So – GO RECOMMEND MINE! (shameless) Or download, but if not, I need a loophole people! Here is my sim’s link – http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=1366709

And since I have to be fair – bleh – here is my sister’s! – http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=1366710

They’re both in my studio anyways. 😛 She doesn’t have her own account – teh Sims game siz mine. muhahahaha….

I’m losing….My sim has 3 downloads. And my sister has 51. -.- Its rivaling one of my favorite sims – Stringy T_T, who has 52 downloads.

To be honest, I had a feeling this would happen – not because whenever we upload our self-sims to my studio hers always gets into the 40-100 range (while mine gets 10-25 T_T). The reason I felt hers would get more downloads is cause I am an insane person…and her sim is Barbie-ish. o_o

Here’s how the contest convo went, after my stemming-out-of-boredom taunting her while she remained mostly indifferent:

Me (hanging off the couch lazily): The way we’ll judge who’s is better is by uploading it and seeing who’s gets the most downloads.

Sister (suddenly perks up): OK! Lets do that.

Me (half-faking uneasiness in order to make her feel more competitive): Wait….

Sister: NO! HAH! TOO LATE, ITS DONE! We’re doing it!

Me (actually feeling slightly uneasy and recognizes this – then hides this by pretending to be egomaniacal and doesn’t care too much if I win or lose since I’m bored and want my sister to play sims in a way that’ll interest me and give me some PC power): PSH, THATS NOT IT! I don’t care I’m gonna win anyway. You suck. NYAAAAAH.

Sister: hahaha I’m so gonna win.

Me: Tell you what – I’ll even let you go back and edit yours after I’m done, since mine is gonna be so awesome.

Sister: Cool. I’m still gonna win.

I think she was confident because she really did know she was gonna win. Because she’s more mainstream than me T_T. So the weird style/stuff I make doesn’t get as many downloads. WAAA….

And to give myself another loophole and way of gaining the upperhand 😀 (opportunistic sneaky person? Don’t worry, she’ll see this eventually. I’m just being resourceful,  siz all -.- <–[liar])…HERE IS A POLL I WANT YOU TO VOTE ON – REAL QUICK, I PROMISE ;).

Or comment even, pleazeiz.

On a side-note. I re-uploaded the Good and Evil Sims – they were taken down because of my paranoia and cause I liked them too much, but now I want to show them off – HAHAHHAHA.

And….as usual, Evil has the lead in downloads – by a lot. -_- What does this mean? They’re identical excpet for the colors.

Look! The light-angel one obviously has a better picture – it’s a bit surprising how nice it looks for a first try-

And then this demon here:

Ironically, as of…well, for two days now, Good-Nice-Light Angel has 13 downloads XD. Thirteen.

Evil Lady here has 32. That’s a big difference in Meezletoe-Average-Downloads. HAH, accidental acronym. MADs. XD


Kyoko Mogami Sim from Skip-Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura

31 Jul

I decided that since I already made Natsu, I might as well make Kyoko too (as in, I already had the face made so it wouldn’t take long anyways. heh heh).

 Here’s her everday clothes.

I got it from the anime – the first episode’s opening theme thing. With the song….What do you call that thing? 8o

By the way, anime screenshots are from Crunchyroll. 😀

Love Me!! AHAHAHAHa….I’d been wondering what to do with her athletic clothes since I couldn’t find any pictures.

It makes some sense too….She does do some athletic stuffs (Like carrying Ruki).

She doesn’t seem very happy in it anyways. ^^

Also from the…eh…song…part. With the credits! Opening credits?? Anyways, she was wearing princess clothes for a little while, and this one was the best….But I was thinking the video I was watching may have been not..high quality, because it looks a little light, but it’s not. It’s really high quality actually. XD


Well….Pajamas. XD. Too lazy to take her home and buy her a couch. 

And I just like the facial expressions she made while she was in the pool. ^^ 

I got pictures of her wearing similar stuff for the bathing suit and pajamas here: http://www.swb.de/~zahara/shoujo/nakamura/skip/gal.html

Download here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=799121

…Bah. I see a lot of the pictures are cut off.

That’s fine, I guess. You can see Kyoko anyways. 😛

Organizing Done and Blabs

27 Jul

I like the layout now. It occurred to me that I could use a chapter list instead of doing that “next” button that I really wanted on the Kubrick layout.

So, yeah, I’m in school now….It’s a little hard to post blogs, but I’m trying. Once we get a router I’ll be able to use my laptop to post entries, so it’ll be easier ’cause I’ll be able to write stuff in my room.

Hmmm….I feel strange.

I gotta write about something….Instead of writing a puny disgrace of an entry like the one below me.


I uploaded more stuff into my studio. You can click the picture to go to my studio.

Hooray for Print-Screen!

edit: IMG is too big for you to see the downloads and stuff, so if you wanna see that do the whole right-click and copy-paste the URL thing.

Well, now that I think about it, it doesn’t really matter, since it’s a link….If you want to see the #’s at the time of the post, or evidence of my sim being in my studio because of what happens by the end of the post, it’ll be here.

As usual, for some strange reason my sister has more downloads then I do. Her older version slowed at 65 downloads, mine slowed at 24-ish, and my cousin’s had 26-ish, I think.

Now my sister jumped to 35…in, what, a day?? I think they like her face.

My sister saw it yesterday and she doesn’t like how I re-did her. I might edit her (under her supervision) and upload her again.

I changed my cousin’s hair-do, because it had been bugging me. She got a hair-cut, so there wasn’t a debate this time.

The lightning lady…I dunno, I was obsessed with lightning for like a week. I had a weirder version of her, but I got rid of it and here she is.

I figured the hair would be popular. It’s so..zingy! I don’t like how it looks there, but since Lightning Lady is in my studio modeling the look, I can live with it. The pink stripes kind of bug me for some reason (reason being I dislike pink because of it’s girly reputation. If it wasn’t for that I’d probably like it. It’s so BRIGHT. AUGH!).

Then there’s my sim. Maybe I should take it out. So, my story has a unique sim that you can’t download. Bwahahahaha…Yes, I shall do that. You 9 downloaders are very lucky.

And my Natsu-san is there. AND I GOT A RECCOMMENDATION!! HOORAY!! 😀 I LOVE LIFE!!

I’m going to be uploading some cartoons/doodles soon. I just feel like it, I guess. 😉

And I noticed the smilies have been…put back to the default, universal-ish smilies. As of…right now anyways. If they change back I meant this:

 <–This is an IMG thing.

Anyways, I’ll give you at least 5 minutes to…maybe tomorrow to download it. Probably just 5 minutes, depending on if I get chased into my room by a hyena. ^^




🙂 Sorry, I’m crazy.

Ok, Just ONE more post

21 Jul

Edit, Heads up 11/1/09: My icon used to be this:


And then I’ll leave! It wasn’t my fault, I HAD to go on the computer this time, someone needed help and I had to e-mail them. Why else would I be awake at 11:50 in the morning??

Someone mentioned in roBurky’s comment page (Hugs and Nemeses), that my gravatar looks like an old lady in a bathub. 🙂

It took me about a minitue to see what she was talking about. So here (hover over them):

Oh gosh, it’s all wrinkly looking. XP

Click: http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt236/Frazz72/Screenshot-3.jpg?t=1248144828

For the record, this is one of the sims in the Anything Goes Legacy that I re-did to look more normal. You can download this one from my Sims page, and the original version of her too.

Here’s the original version of her, and Kriss too, while we’re at it:


By the way, I downloaded that house. 🙂 I redecorated the inside, but that’s it.


That’s Danzella Meezletoe, when she was having trouble coping. 😉

Download her here, if you want. There’s only one version of her.

Her athletic clothes:


Here are some Kriss pictures:

Download Original Version.

I guess I don’t have any pics of her when I re-did her outfit

(she had reached the Rock Star lifetime wish, and I wanted her to look the part).

She looked better in game, and I sort of had to wing it in CAS mode, but here you go.

And if you’d just like their outfits, that’s in there too.

Screenshot-429.jpg picture by Meezletoe

The end!

edit: I updated. Sorry, I had to go help someone mid-post.

edit edit: I know I declared a rule that makes saying ‘edit-edit’ unnessecary, but it doesn’t really count for updating. So…Yeah, I updated again. XD I often do, actually. Bwahahhaha…:twisted:

9/12/09-Edit: I deleted them from my studio. I don’t know why. ^^;

10/08/09- edit- This editing thing is getting out of hand….But anyway, the old lady thing…it wasn’t just one person. -.- I forgot to mention. I think it may have been 3 or more. bahahha…And I still have all these sims saved in my sim bin. 😛