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9 Sep

Yup. I’m this.

Which also means Fi/Te, haha.


I went from INFP to INxP, to a bunch of other generic quiz crap I don’t remember, to INxP eternally, to INFP who tests INTP, to INFJ on PerC to ENxP to an ENFP who still tests INTP.

It’s been a great 10 years. No jk.

Interestingly, I have never been S.

And so, Extroverted Intuiton (Ne-Dom), Introverted Feeling (Fi-aux), Extroverted Thinking (Te-tert..), Introverted Sensing (Si-inf).


Is it extra or extro.

So I was an ENP kid who went with Fi. But it’s funny because I know what triggered the whole introverted auxilary function development. It’s great. I had a crush on a guy because he was always thinking and it was interested because he would be FIRE and then he’d stop somewhere and just lay down and think and it seemed like he could be putting on a show and I wondered what he could be thinking about. And now, Fi. I have a habit of trying to model the person I crush on or just really like and want to know, to understand them and to be more like them…because a lot of the time I admire them and I want to show them and myself that we’re similar. It’s weird.

Meanwhile, my dragon-bear sister might be ETJ with inferior Fi. I had been thinking she was ISJ but this makes much more sense. It makes sense though I think, though she doesn’t feel T or F, and she is okay with S more than N. I wonder if she’d agree more with ESP.

15 Jul

I should write letters. I’ll write left-handed letters to my imaginary best friend, or my future soul mate, hehe.

The R Premises

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

Phyllis Theroux

Because I remember, when I was a little kid I used to write letters. To no body, to unknowns, to myself… Just because I craved writing. Just because my heart ached every time I couldn’t let something out. Every time I go back to my parent’s place, I check them. Plenty, they are. And I laugh… at how terribly cute and innocent they were.

And right now, I still write. Not letters, but blog posts. Because it takes me to a different world, my own perfectly random world where I choose to spill myself, and my emotions.

I’ll still write you letters. In my head. In my heart.
I’ll still send you letters, so subtle. Between the lines.

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