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Robotic Rhetoric

7 Jul

Robotic Rhetoric

This is the most amazing blog xD I’m lucky enough to have it following me currently and as of today, and I cannot believe it exists. xD

It reminds me a lot of this person who I used to often talk to on facebook xD The way they talk and what they say. I’m still friends with him (and met him) on facebook (not common for me) through this crazy page/group thing. But he was a bit more ridiculous in how unrestrained and how he approached every topic (extraordinarily irreverently and absolutely shocking) but it’s part of the reason I had so much fun talking to him. Also because we spoke in these long-ass paragraphs, which is rare to find, especially when the topic is also exactly the sort of thing you find interesting. The only thing is that I wasn’t sure if I was weirder because some topics he mentioned I had already found old. Then again he might have found me a bit stiff or prudeish compared to him. If he had become my friend before I’d moved…xD Oh dear. Well, I wouldn’t be as intelligent I think. Not that I’m particularily so now….

Wait. No, back on topic, uggghhhh I swear I couldn’t find a more appropriate blog title xD BUT YES, this blog is hilarious go follow and read his stuff, it’s absolutely amazing.



Meezletoe is in Erion’s Project Runway Sims 3 Edition :)

14 Aug

Yep. I’m in it. Here is the Link:


Erion’s page: http://www.thesims3.com/mypage/Erion

The first contest was Everyday clothes for two models with opposite personality types. 🙂

But we only have one primary model for the entire…game thing, unless she says otherwise.

And I just submitted my entry for the first competition. So far, three of us have, but the deadline is the 18th. I wonder if the other people know. :\

I don’t think she’s accepting anymore participants though. She had a deadline for that too….Who knows, maybe that will change too.

Anyways, here is my first submission ^^:

Thanks Rob
Official Sim Project Runway Entry – Week 1

Name of Designer: Meezletoe!

Link to primary model (wearing first you designed):

Link to secondary model (wearing second outfit you designed):

Link to photos of models on the runway:

Details or comments:
I’m planning on using them for some sort of blog-sim story, but for now, they’re models! Hehehe…
Obviously this is a Good vs. Evil thing. She’s a good angel, and the other is an evil one, or a demon. Those are the personality traits. The demon is also a Charismatic Party Animal, while the angel is more straightforward and honest (hot-headed, loves the outdoors, brave).

Credit/Links to any simmers whose custom content you used:
I got the hairstyle from The Sim Artist Union, but the link to their site is down, I think.
for the Danger Darling suit.


For the record, I don’t like the show Project Runway. I’ve seen a couple episodes and glimpses of the show, and for the most part all I see is drama, and bad-natured ego-maniacal people with too much attitude. It makes me frustrated and annoyed. However, I like looking at some of the clothes. On the other hand – reality TV = scourge of the Earth and bringer-abouter of the Apocalypse.
But I like this game. BWAHAHAHhAAHAHA…
For the record, I woooould prefer it if you didn’t start downloading my good/evil sim, because I’m gonna’ make a Sim Story with them, you see.
But 3 people have already downloaded them both.
Oh snap, Evil took the lead – she has 4!
Hahahha, it’s the showdown between Good and Evil in my studio – who will take over the Sim World….er..more?!
By the way, Mekonnen means angel.
And, I’ll upload some doodles this week, probably. Unless a hyena eats me.