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1 Aug

hahahah sorry

Ok….I’m not too hyper so probably I won’t be ranting right now 🙂 Not in that sorta energetic mood XD

So I changed my About page and made some posts that bugged me not public and CHANGED THE LAYOUT OOOOOH SNAP XDDD, so yes. So I won’t be making a new blog at all. The current theme though is sorta on probation until it feels right. The other one felt more like my blog since I got used to it [even in the beginning, I got used to it fast].

Ehh…yeah. I’ll probably post pictures and stuff here in the future. Idk.

Weird mood.

Ok bye. Here’s a picture of a hamster to compensate for the short page:


Word of Advice

15 Aug

When looking for a pet cat, make sure it has brakes.

(Do so by watching it run around – if it uses the walls as a stop, it doesn’t have them).

edit 10/28/09 – I’m pretty much going through all the short posts and adding pictures of hamsters to compensate for a waste of entry.

Googled it and came across another wordpress blog, hehe. If you want to go to it, you’ll have to ninja yourself to it with the image properties and the backspacing.


22 Jul

What’re you doing checking here?

I told you I wouldn’t be posting again until next week!

I have some serious studying to do, you know?!  No more looking at Meezletoe’s blog until after the 25th at least, okay?

Sheeeesh….*rolls eyes*

♥ 😉 ♥

edit 10/28/09: I came here by accident, through random post. Here’s another Hamster pic:


16 Jul

I voted. 8) (guess which one I picked :P)

This ‘cool’ smiley leaves me unsatisfied. -_- It’s shades are awkward.

edit: Sometimes I click ‘random post’ when I view my blog just to see what comes up. And it’s usually this post – this pathetic excuse for a blog post! XD It’s more of a tweet. X’D Oh gosh.

Here, here’s a picture of a hamster I found to compensate for that.