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3 Sep

I’m Ne and not Ni OTL

So INFJ is impossible for me.

/tears /the struggle of finding yourself in MBTI hahaha

I feel like ENTP, but I can also be ENFP or INTP

Funny enough when I put this blog in this blog-mbti-analyzer thing, I got ENFP “The performer” quiet a lot.

And the TvTropes page for MBTI helped me understand a lot too.

I think I am P though….I wait too long for more and more data to come in, partly out of uncertainty. I can’t act without collecting all the data first usually…..with important things at least. Procrastinate – YOUR LIFE! >8D


I wonder if Roberto is an ITP or ISJ child. hummm. He’s so quiet too. I think maybe ISJ……? This part makes me laugh from the Portrait of the ISJ Child:

ISJs are very in tune with their bodies, and very aware of their bodily needs. They want regular sleep and meals, and will become unsettled quickly if they suffer in want of sleep or food. They will usually go to bed cheerfully without fussing. Parents of an ISJ should make sure that the ISJ can keep a consistent schedule for food and sleep.

why is that bold idk. I’m tired bye.

I like that Darcy/Elizabeth = INTJ/INFJ okay bye.


I am Ti and Fe

8 Aug

I am just announcing because I am soooooo happy hahahaha I have this much, yes!

I’m intrigued by ENTP by the way….hm. I think I’ll visit PerC’s forums for them.


update: Ni as well! So, I’m either ENFJ or INFJ!

And now I might be INFJ

26 Jul


In other news, I’m enjoying the spam thread at Personality Cafe. And I’ve made it known that I don’t mind if people call me out on my type. So, woo, I’m good. I’m not gonna care so much about it. INFJ is supposed to the rarest type, haaaahahahaha bulllshiiiiiit (just kidding). xD

Anyways, yeah. Feel free to call me out too. Someone typed me, I agreed, things.¬†Also, apparently you can’t “switch” from F to T -_- WHATEVERRR. But that makes sense. INFJ is supposed to be pretty logical for the NFs and I’d been wondering about that J anyways.

The reason I agreed though is because I understood how cognitive functions work a little better, and if I can choose, I definitely don’t process things feeling or thinking first. It’s definitely N, and probably it’s Ni.

But I really have no idea. I haven’t logically determined the accuracy or worth of this system, I just accepted it because I don’t really care and it says cool things. Woooo. Also this forum is cool. There’s some stock in it, you can talk to people who are similar (or¬†dissimilar) to you and discuss personality, and stuff, and know where the other is coming from, so that’s nice and fun.

Goodbyeeeee Perceiving functioooonn~~~~haha, it was nice having yoooou