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And now I might be INFJ

26 Jul


In other news, I’m enjoying the spam thread at Personality Cafe. And I’ve made it known that I don’t mind if people call me out on my type. So, woo, I’m good. I’m not gonna care so much about it. INFJ is supposed to the rarest type, haaaahahahaha bulllshiiiiiit (just kidding). xD

Anyways, yeah. Feel free to call me out too. Someone typed me, I agreed, things. Also, apparently you can’t “switch” from F to T -_- WHATEVERRR. But that makes sense. INFJ is supposed to be pretty logical for the NFs and I’d been wondering about that J anyways.

The reason I agreed though is because I understood how cognitive functions work a little better, and if I can choose, I definitely don’t process things feeling or thinking first. It’s definitely N, and probably it’s Ni.

But I really have no idea. I haven’t logically determined the accuracy or worth of this system, I just accepted it because I don’t really care and it says cool things. Woooo. Also this forum is cool. There’s some stock in it, you can talk to people who are similar (or dissimilar) to you and discuss personality, and stuff, and know where the other is coming from, so that’s nice and fun.

Goodbyeeeee Perceiving functioooonn~~~~haha, it was nice having yoooou


i think i might be infp

17 Jul

or i feel like


also i want to enter something forensics

and i don’t feel like talking

i feel drained

it would’ve been nice to be intp but that’s fine, i’ll just develop that extroverted thinking function more or something.

i hear sherlock is considered intp but watson once described him (in the books) as his extreme cool rational nature really just being something of an expression of the contrast between his actual personality, hohoho

well if i was intp i’d probably have just proudly proclaimed him to be ‘ours’

I don’t know why i care so much, i’ve been wondering this since i was 14 or 15. (before sherlock, mind you! I kept switching from INFP to INTP and back – not like 51% this, more like 80% this one day, 80% the other another day). And I didn’t prefer any much, but I slowly started preferring Thinking to Feeling because I started hating emotions. Or ugly displays of them. I tried to be ultra-rational when dealing with them and other’s as a result, but you know….and I started hating them in other people…..kinda messed up. I got tired of them, and it made me a become a little more easily tired when dealing directly or not, with other people….

so I hoped that I’d turn out to really truly be INTP

and I keep hoping it, but my results aren’t consistent.

So there, in case I haven’t explained it.

But I think I’m too emotional and self-obsessed and closeted up and lazy and shy….wait. No, I mean…wow hoooow did I even get to that…..

I’ve forgotten now. Oh right. I don’t talk enough about interests here or have the….yeah I’m probably extroverted thinking.

Whatever, drained, byeee. oh yeah, and happy birthday to me! hahaha. and I have a left handed poem ready from yesterday, and I’ll make another tonight. To keep practicing. It’ll be very useful when I take notes and write essays anyway. I got a whole month. shit. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCK T^T

Writing Styles, Blogs, Communicating in general I suppose

7 Jul

Whoops, I didn’t know that your own text in reblogged posts got all squished like that! Paragraphs are absolutely essential for my blog! Without them they’re just giant text walls of incoherancy! With – well, at least skimming is a bit more stomachable. Anyway, paste.
Dammit now I have to read this post, geez. I need to know where a person needs to breathe when reading this and that’s the only way. Yes, even I don’t even want to read. Okay this whole paragraph is just lame and not-clever self-depreciation, continue~~~♪

The new reader has this tag thing as a left-side bar and they were filled with every silly tag I’d made, so I got rid with a lot of them except the weirdest ones, and the ones I’m very interested in, or like (doodles). The reason for the former is that if I find other people using those tags, I’ll likely enjoy reading the rest of their blog, or find the visit peculiar but interesting. One of the tags is ‘brain juice’ – which I expected wouldn’t be an unpopular tag, you hear it around often enough, especially if you’re in the quirky fangirl sort of arena or maybe if you’re just, by definition (?), normal enough. And a lot of it was fashion posts, and the rest were things I liked, and blogs I ended up following. I followed like 19 today looking through “brain juice” and “doodles.” Good stuffffff mang

I saw two blogs that made me think. One was a person who wrote casually as if they were on tumblr and about their feelings, and I apparently visited at the wrong time because they mentioned they didn’t feel like they were blogging like they wanted to at the time because of things. That’s how I blogged a lot on tumblr, but it might have been because I didn’t see it as a ‘safe’ place to blog about whatever the hell I wanted, and that might just be because it’s so public and I didn’t have my own style there. So much…aesthetics….?? And reblogs, millions, billions, memes, I enjoy them but it didn’t encourage me to write. Here a lot of people have the same theme and the main point IS your writing. It’s what makes you follow and unfollow, not the style of the blog so much, though that can influence, you have to work harder to make that shine and it’s still within a template sort of. I’m surprised that I need that box or that structure so much. Just to write. This place also just feels more private. And I like that. I feel like this is more a place where introverts can thrive. Just personally.

Anyway, I also blog that casually and loosely, the way I am now, without being overly-concerned with the ease of reading for the reader, just expressing my thoughts fluently or at least linearly? I mainly try to accurately express myself, and make sure the words and phrases I use are also being used appropriately (when I do this (?) it usually means I’m lazy and unsure if that’s the right way to say or use a word or phrase. I’m not sure if I used ‘linearly’ appropriately there either but I’m currently too lazy to look it up, hence the question mark). It’s all flow-of-thought. But if I have an IDEA or a THOUGHT that I want to express, something that’s occurred to me that I want to describe, something more concrete and less in-the-moment, that I will edit mercilessly and strive for complete clarity.

And I think, I find both necessary, I guess, for my blogging experience. It’s less organized, but it’s organized enough. To splurge, to talk mindlessly, to say whatever is on my mind, and also to communicate, to express, to explain…. But that won’t get me much readers, hahaha. It won’t make this blog quality, I mean. Even if I don’t have readers, I’d like for this blog to be quality. But I think the only way that will happen is if I go out and DO things, to blog about.

The other blog I saw had such a clear voice and they were such a precise and clear communicator, that I wondered why I only even begin to approach that when I have something I feel is more important to say and that I have fully formed. As in, why can’t I write like that normally, nevermind speak? Maybe part of the reason a lot of what I say is vague and kind of garbage is because I haven’t fleshed it out yet, and I am using this as a stage to begin to organize and shape them, it’s train of thought because I use this to help myself…err, think? So this is partly actually therapeutic for me. Not just to express, but to breathe and organize my distracted thoughts. I suppose that’s why I use categories. My brain juice is usually more coherent in expression, if not in content. Maybe because it’s brain juice….and I know there’s no chance of something confusing being understood if I already speak in a confusing manner, and so I make an effort, like in real life…..50% of my ideas are confusing (for all the reasons) and the remaining 50% is that I don’t speak and communicate clearly. If the idea is simple, I won’t make an effort to speak clearly, because the idea is simple. So 50% chance of being understood. If the idea is a bit difficult to express already, I’ll make an effort, so the 50% is restored but the idea is complicated (maybe because it is illogical or too fanciful) and so we’re back to that original 50%.

… errr….yeah

I also noticed I have two styles of talking, and it pretty much is INFP vs INTP. So even in my writing…. When I’m enthusiastic I exaggerate, warm language, I’m ‘loud’ and social….I sound dumb too, I can tell, but friendly I think.
But when I’m communicating an idea or thought….it’s like two extremes. But even so, I feel like because I’m not rational or logical enough, however rational or organized I might sound, I am more likely INFP. After all, I had to develop that clear and rational writing style. Then again, I do have that N in the INTP, and I used to rely on heavy implication in order to discuss a point before I had more fully developed that direct approach. I can’t tell if it was a feeling or thought that I was expressing through implication though. It was kind of both….more like a thought since these are essays we’re talking about….that’s why I use idea in those circumstances. A thought is clear, an idea is vague and contains a thought but it’s more shrouded by feeling and stringy cloud fog stuff.

Okay I’m done now xD hahahha all this from a cheeky boot ad. Yup, still easily distracted. THIS ENTIRE POST IS MY LIIIIIIIFE.

That Myers-Briggs thing – Two years later

7 Jul

I still fluctuate a lot from INTP to INFP, but more often it’s INFP I think.

Well, no, since I still think someone who switches that much, possibly depending on mood, would probably be INFP, I might just be….

Well….I don’t know how IN_P works, but those have been consistent. I could switch from Feeling to Thinking based on my mood, but shouldn’t at least Introverted and Extroverted switch just as much…? They vary in percentage but never in the final result. You could consider yourself social depending on your mood. Or maybe the answer choices for the questions given to determine F/T are a bit more prone to being influenced by emotions….

That sentence doesn’t make sense.

How are answer choices influenced by emotions?

It’s the people picking the answers.

How do I structure that so I can say when people pick the answers for those questions, they are more easily influenced by emotions, because the nature of the questions especially since it’s discussing whether you use feeling more…..if that even makes logical sense. Not loosely intuitive, just plain logical.

I wonder if I’m actually J not P. I talk and think like P, but…ah those weird cognitive…ones…in MB-tests. I don’t get how they work. Fucking magnets. I feel like I learn better with S too, but it could be…underdeveloped so I end up just relying on N….however that works, really.

edit: That new (since 2010) left sidebar confuses me but I love the quotes. WordPress loves it’s bloggers/readers ;_;
Anyway I wanted to put this quote here:

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” Blaise Pascal

Like how I made a twitter and hated the character limit, and then saw a tweet that said “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Oh weird, she has the same last name as that legacy sim I tried before I lost the disc xD. ehhh how do I do strikethrough…xD hahaha


Myers-Briggs- Thinking/Feeling alternating XDDD

31 May

If you know about that one personality test with 16 results – you can get ESTJ or INFP [Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging/Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving].

I keep alternating from Thinking to Feeling based on my mood XDDD…;;; Over the years I mean P: I’ve been taking it since middle school and then I started taking it by my own initiative, online. In high school it became IN_P [set in stone, werd, though the Introverted part also becomes a higher or lower percentage sometimes, based on my mood]. But Feeling and Thinking usually switch percentages [if you’re 40% introverted, on sites with graph-types it shows you’re 60% extraverted]. On that popular site -.- where you can make like small banners and stuff with your results – mypersonality.info – (for siggys or profiles etc) this is what I got last time:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Thinking

84%- Perceiving

= (Engineer/Intellectual) or “Architect/Rationals” according to some person.

The time before that, everything was the exact same percentage except for Thinking, where the percentages about swapped with Feeling. I think it may have been a percentage or two off, I don’t remember. =_= So…uh…obligatory list:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Feeling [about]

84%- Perceiving

=(Dreamer/Visionaries) “Healer/Idealist” – hehe also known as the Fairytale Prince/Princess.

I took it again today and got:

89% – Introverted

74% – Intuitive

63% – Thinking

79 – Perceiving

INTP again. =__=

So I think it might be starting to balance off – or I’m in a balanced sorta mood. Though if I keep switching from T to F etc based on my mood, I’m probably an INFP anyway (HAH). Either way both personality types are super rare BWAHAHAHA, both are like 2% if the population, hehehe. I heard someone say that your preferences don’t become set until you’re like 21 or 23 or something, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Anyway the moral of the story is Meez is bipolar or has some sorta split personality issue in every part of her personality. To be honest, it makes more sense if I’m INFP cause I daydream all the time and I’m not really an intellectual -.-;;. But at the same time I’m not very sensitive or ‘healer-iffic’ either, or emotional/empathetic – I’m more with ze mind POV when it comes to emotions.

Ya, take it here:

http://www.mypersonality.info za best.

[Or blogthings, its quicker….I took it there first and got those same results.


Tell me what you get!! >:)