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Return to Emerald Harbor – New Sims 3 Story

1 Nov


It’s Reeevolluuuutionary.

And to celebrate the two months of group preparation (of which even irresponsible Meez was a part of), I have edited this screenshot of Emerald Harbor as it looked when it was declared habitable again:

~You’ve been invited~

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA, SORRY, SORRY, I COULDN’T HELP SOUNDING CREEPY LIKE THAT, IT WAS TOO APPEALING AN OPPORTUNITY! Just click it, it’s an interesting Sims 3 experiment, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time anyone’s done something like this with the Sims. You won’t regret it ;). ♥ Hope you read our story, we worked hard on it. 😀

As further inducement, here’s who’s involved in this experiment, and their resumes:


Sims 3, Pass-it-on Story Game?

12 Sep

I had an idea….here is how it happened:



Okay, here it is. There’s this Sim or a Sim family or something, and a bunch or a few RL Simmers get together online, and decide to play the game to a certain point, and somehow pass it on to the next Simmer, and they get to play and pass it on to the next simmer, and etc. Maybe the limit is a day. If the group is sort of big, they could make the lifespan a little longer, or if they want to give everyone a longer limit. 😀

The person could play the family or lead the story anyway they wanted, and be as hands-on or -off as possible. It’d be cool because everyone would use a different tone, and annoy each other as much as possible (joke). For example, if this was a love-triangle story and two Simmers preferred the Sim to have certain relationship but with different people, or if this wasn’t a romance story and a Simmer happened to keep swaying that way.

There could be exceptions though….If marriage seems to be too big a choice for one Simmer to make….maybe it could be decided by a vote of the Simmers or the readers…or both. Or it could be as free-wheelin’ as possible.

If this is a competition with no votes, the Simmers could do a sabotage for the story plot (one person or a team conspiracy – hehe, I’d prefer it to be announced in some way though – none of this sneaky business..) and decide to make the Sim have a career in blah or marry someone the others or a person doesn’t want the Sim to marry (and the limit per Simmer is a day, right?). But it’d be in good humor, mu-ha-ha-ha. o_o

Lol, I can imagine my sister and me making the person get divorced, or switch jobs everyday, and eventually someone snaps and kills the sim…but the other person would find out by reading it + screenshots. HAHAHHAHAHA! And if they were self-sims! HAHAHHAHAHAHHHAA! Omigosh, omigosh, X’D

Another form of competition (^^) could be to have each person make a Sim and put them in the neighborhood (oh snap, I just realized something), and make the other Sim being played try to end up with your person or something. Or each Simmer outlines a story plot they’ll [initially, at least] try to follow and sees what happens to the Sim. And on WordPress, multiple…accounts can own one blog…eh….together…ly….Co-authors? Whatever! (quitter -_-).

About the whole killing the lead-sim thing….maybe that wouldn’t be allowed (purposely) until the Sim had a family. Or maybe if it happened accidentally….no save it? But it wouldn’t be as legit that way. Poor, poor Simmer. hehehe…

So, the thing I realized – would we have to send neighborhoods?! Like E-mail?! Wot?! Cause the family only- that would not work – story-line wise! Skra! Snaps, those techie probs. Unless you just made it fit as best as you could, hehe. Maybe no emailing required then…? Or still yes. Since….Meh. Here is where the knitted sweater that is my plan becomes un-done. And it was starting to look so vibrant and shiny too. Oh well. (Narcissist?)

This whole thing is sort of how like when you were a kid playing “pretend” with other kids, and you just went with the flow….Or maybe ended up fighting, but usually it worked out O.K.

In the blog titles, it could be like: “Meezletoe – Miki Meets Bagleboy.”…Baglebot. OO SCIFI TWIST, OH GOSH I WANT TO DO THIS, IT’D BE HILARIOUS! I just remembered something similar that happened in Creative Writing last year (semester class). We had different genres or themes (mine was, augh, romance, I believe. I wept bitterly, but I still forced my insane voice onto it…I should put the story here :D), and we had a group with the other themes (sci-fi, drama, adventure maybe, it’s a blur).

So, that’d be interesting.


…Hey, I think I’ll send this around….Just to let it get some publicity, in case it has good-idea potential and someone out there wants to do this. Unless this idea has already been inventor-ed. ^^

Ok, Just ONE more post

21 Jul

Edit, Heads up 11/1/09: My icon used to be this:


And then I’ll leave! It wasn’t my fault, I HAD to go on the computer this time, someone needed help and I had to e-mail them. Why else would I be awake at 11:50 in the morning??

Someone mentioned in roBurky’s comment page (Hugs and Nemeses), that my gravatar looks like an old lady in a bathub. 🙂

It took me about a minitue to see what she was talking about. So here (hover over them):

Oh gosh, it’s all wrinkly looking. XP

Click: http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt236/Frazz72/Screenshot-3.jpg?t=1248144828

For the record, this is one of the sims in the Anything Goes Legacy that I re-did to look more normal. You can download this one from my Sims page, and the original version of her too.

Here’s the original version of her, and Kriss too, while we’re at it:


By the way, I downloaded that house. 🙂 I redecorated the inside, but that’s it.


That’s Danzella Meezletoe, when she was having trouble coping. 😉

Download her here, if you want. There’s only one version of her.

Her athletic clothes:


Here are some Kriss pictures:

Download Original Version.

I guess I don’t have any pics of her when I re-did her outfit

(she had reached the Rock Star lifetime wish, and I wanted her to look the part).

She looked better in game, and I sort of had to wing it in CAS mode, but here you go.

And if you’d just like their outfits, that’s in there too.

Screenshot-429.jpg picture by Meezletoe

The end!

edit: I updated. Sorry, I had to go help someone mid-post.

edit edit: I know I declared a rule that makes saying ‘edit-edit’ unnessecary, but it doesn’t really count for updating. So…Yeah, I updated again. XD I often do, actually. Bwahahhaha…:twisted:

9/12/09-Edit: I deleted them from my studio. I don’t know why. ^^;

10/08/09- edit- This editing thing is getting out of hand….But anyway, the old lady thing…it wasn’t just one person. -.- I forgot to mention. I think it may have been 3 or more. bahahha…And I still have all these sims saved in my sim bin. 😛

Breaking News about my Legacy

19 Jul

When I meant “Hiatus,” I specifically meant my Legacy. I am away from my home computer, which has the Sims game is installed on.

So on or after the 25th, I’ll be able to play sims and update on my legacy and etc. You see? 😀 ♥


Random Information About Stuff That’s Happening Where I Am Now: A three year old boy rolls around the carpet, yelling “1..2…3!!” in a loud, half-laughing voice as he plays with a piece of a plastic, blue railroad track, and then suddenly crawls away yelling “OFF THE RAILS”; meanwhile downstairs, the blogger’s sister makes french toast while arguing with an 8 year old boy, while the toddler stealthily crawls back into the room, and hiding on the side of the bed proceeds to play with his new toy car.


Hiatus For New Blog Starting Saturday XD

2 Jul

Possibly even Friday? Doubt that though.

It’s related to that MYSTERIOUS EVENT, that I won’t be telling you about. Ever. Sorry. 😉

So the hiatus is until July 25th at the very least. Not most. I might forget I even have a blog, since it’s new, or I might just become uncommitted to it.

Honesty=Only Way to be Perceived as Responsibly Irresponsible. :mrgreen:

A hiatus is not very healthy for a new blog, is it? Bad timing. But the MYSTERIOUS EVENT is something that I can’t really control. :\

So, I might come back here randomly if it’s possible while the MYSTERIOUS EVENT is taking place, but don’t expect anything, least of all Updates on the Anything Goes Legacy.

However, I will be posting an update (maybe a quick one?) on that today, and maybe a poll too, actually. And maybe another poll to see if anyone came up upon my blog and what they thought of it while I had been…away. 😉

See ya! 😀 For today, I’ll give a weirder (and short) farewell address when/before I leave, maybe.

Random Information About Stuff That’s Happening Where I Am Now: The distracted blogger, who should have been studying for their Philosophy exam, nervously and repeatedly kept looking back at their napping mother, who was curled up on the couch as she preferred it to her bed, which was had been occupied by her own mother anyways.

Introductions to the…Anything Goes Legacy!

2 Jul


This is the Strong Household.


Nice house, isn’t it?  8)

Don’t worry, you’ll get to see most of it later.

I designed it myself too. ♥


I had to turn Free Will off just to make them stay seated. -_-


These are the girls of the household.


And these are the guys.


The girls are pretty much just remakes of my past Sims that I’ve made, though I’ve kept their names. I wanted them to look more realistic for this story, since I keep making weird Sims.

The guys are totally brand new.


I have set up a vague purpose for the Anything Goes Legacy. I’m curious to see which Sims end up together, and what sort of kids they end up with. It’ll be a sort of experiment for me. However, as the Divine Narrator, I will move the story in anyway which I see fit. For the most part though, I’ll try to remain hands off. I have decided on certain rules though, to make this story more interesting for you. One of which is I won’t tell you what traits the characters have (although some of their traits will be pretty obvious to guess). You’ll find out more later, I guess.


The story is: These students are all roommates in college (or university). Due to the charity of a certain Sim’s wealthy family, they managed to end up moving out of their parent’s house, and into this awesome and expensive domain here.

And now for the introductions.


This is Krystal Strong.

Her’s is the wealthy family that graciously lent them this house in order to provide the best college experience for their daughter. Originally, it had been meant for Krystal and her friends, but most of the people she deemed appropriate to live with her were either going to different (and possibly less expensive) schools, or reluctant to share a household with her for some reason. So, she severed her relationship with them and invited some people she thought would feel more grateful to her for her charity (and besides if someone from such a high-class family stayed alone, they’d be deemed a hermit. This Sim is definitely a socialite).


This is Danzella Meezletoe.

After a long struggle with her ability to cope with reality, and much psychotherapy, she was able to change her outlook on life and became a whole new person. Though some traces of her previous habits remain, she is able to function in society much more easily now, and has even discovered a few of her previously dormant talents as well. She is also very grateful towards Krystal for this opportunity to start a new life, and in such a convenient house as well.


This is Kriss Sparks. She was one of the ‘friends’ of Krystal who was offered a room here, though Kriss is starting to regret making this choice. She had just met Danzella when Krystal approached her with this opportunity, and without discussing it with Danzella, she quickly agreed to move in under the condition that her ‘best friend’ here be given a room as well. However, Danzella had no complaints, and Kriss was relieved to not be the only other girl there alone with Krystal.


This is Bobby. I hate him.

For some reason, he annoys me. Maybe it’s his face, I don’t know. As revenge for him making me dislike him for no apparent reason, I gave him the last name ‘Bloom.’

Krystal’s family wanted her to have a diverse household, and this guy managed to get a spot. He’s skilled in the art of sucking-up.


This is Andrew Mipp. I like him. I don’t know whether or not that’s reflected in the last name though. For some reason, when I was testing this out, he kept taking an interest in Danzella. Will that happen again in this version? We’ll see…. :\

Screenshot- 15

This is Jimmy Marlow. Nobody knows how he got a room here. Nobody knows why he’s here. He’s just here.


This is the Kid.

Who’s kid he/she is or what he/she is doing there, I will tell you not. At least not now, anyway.


Here’s the first floor.

I had been playing the girls (as they currently look in my studio) to test out the game and wanted them to have kids after they had fulfilled their lifetime goal.

I didn’t want to deal with downloading a house and forgetting who had made it in case I decided to make a legacy. So I made them their own house. And then I made them their own guys (I hadn’t set out exactly who’s would be who’s). After playing them for a while I figured that I’d start a legacy, remodeled them to look a little more realistic, and started over.




And this is the Garage. The cars belong to the girls 8).


Yeah, I know, I’m not the best when it comes to designing houses or whatever, but I’m still impressed with it since it’s the first house I’ve made on TS3, and the first house I’ve ever made on the Sims period with the thought in my head to not make it totally ridiculous. So if you sensed any arrogance in this post relating to the house, just keep in mind – The Divine Narrator is an Ego-maniac. 😉


So, that’s all for the introductions.

I don’t think I’ll be as wordy in the future (no guarantees. I am trying to keep things simple though. Like roBurky. 😀 We’re engaged, you know.)

By the way, I realized I had sort of messed up on some of the traits and etc., so I went back to CAS and re-did them. One of the problems was that the girls were set to age in 3 days. So, these pics are just the introduction or beta version of them, traits-wise. They’re going to look exactly the same, although Kid’s outfit has changed. The next chapter is when it really begins.



(not really doom)


  • They are starting off money-wise with 12, 751 simoleans.
Krystal’s parents agreed to pay for the bills, but that’s all, so I might be using kaching for the bills.
Cause that’s what parents are.
Joke. The Divine Narrator has a soul, don’t worry.
  • I’ll tell you the lifetime traits whenever an opportunity to tell you a certain Sim’s emerges. Or you’ll just figure it out. No plan there.

♥ That’s all! ♥