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Left-Handed Chronicles: 8

29 Aug

I write left-handedly better than [Merk] by miles.

Screw you [Merk], leaving mid-episode.

Take that!!!

I am a left-handed demon made of wings and papaya leaves, but don’t blame my idiosyncrasies on my nausea because it isn’t soundwave, goodbye, fetch me my caramel scented biscuits fool!!!



(This one is a nonsense poem, I was watching a show with my sister and she left and I made this and showed it to her for some reason. Idrk, I just know it was really really hot in our room and it still is. This is the hottest room in the whole house and I don’t know why).


suddenly, family drama

14 Jul

We’ve been having some family drama and I haven’t felt like writing about it. It’ll probably come out on it’s own eventually. I mean, here.

I kind of find I don’t enjoy setting out and writing about what I’ve done. Maybe because it’s enough to have done it without having to relive it and write about it. It’s exhausting to do it twice. Especially when it’s not too interesting. Or if it will be something of a downer.

No I think what it is, is that it’s tiring to consider that I have to transcribe the emotions and vague thoughts and ideas to text, and explain and define and it’s nice as recordings but….nah. On top of that, writing it down makes it more concrete as a memory. I’d rather not have this as put down in stone in my mind. This can remain faint, or fade over time. Negative events are things that make a strong enough impression right? They set in your mind and remain more easily than candid, easy, or happy times. Maybe why those who have experienced bad events appreciate peace the more so…..they learn to….hummmm~~~~

Anyways, it was monday, I think….because sunday would’ve been my father’s off-day…..and we had gone to an amusement park but initially planned to go to some resort/hotel and/or landmark thing, and he’d have needed monday in order to do that too…..yeah. So it was monday. And my sister and I came back from my aunt’s tuesday night.

I closed this for a bit because I thought someone was coming in. Tense! It was very panicked. haha

Yeah well…..I’m more worried for the kids. Though they seem to be handling it like I had…..they don’t seem to care much either. Furthermore it looks like Salmon used the opportunity to steal his mother’s credit card to get microsoft points or something….and he got in trouble….and his lies are crumbling around him and he’s panicking…..I’m worried he’s some sort of psychopath sometimes. He can be quite manipulative. Is that a common fear? Good thing daddy won’t stand for his bullshit, but….

My schedule has kinda been left aside too for a while, but I think I should pick it back up again because it seems unnecessary to do so. I was wondering why I’d left it, and I realized it was because I’d no idea what was going to happen tomorrow, or for the rest of the time that I’m here (the summer). And it made me realize how stable my life had been, and how I’d taken it for granted, and how necessary and useful something like that can be. A stable life. Stability, in general. It’s great stuff, haha. But seriously….

dot dot dot.

Anyway, yeah it looks like my stepmother and dad might be getting divorced. Same bullshit you’d expect, my dad thrown in, his unpredictability thrown in, patterns, silence, both still in the house…..that kind of everything is changing mentality but everything is nearly exactly the same in practice…..I hate this bullshit. My dad’s rants about marriage and his wives, hah, my stepmom’s typical derailing a normal conversation into a moral and humanist rant that’s really about my dad but it feels a bit darker now….and sad. Uncertainty, doubt….he talked to my mom about it….poor mom.

I think I’d used books as my “crutch” before, without realizing….my stepmom made a related comment today 🙂 something along the lines of, when you read your focus is on the book, not around you, what’s going on in there….you can’t be distracted or have bad thoughts as a result….and I replied ‘it depends on the book’ haha

my sister kind of laughed, she said ‘yeah but’ and explained, I knew what she meant, etc. I know it would’ve been more….stylish, to leave this unnecessary bit out, but I think I’ve always felt these bits were important. It’s messier and not cool, but it’s more life. Seriously though, the little misunderstandings and clearing up and the person defending their thought, it’s ego and….well, movies….life isn’t style, man, it’s punctuated by style. Even with style, someone’s ego is always the butt of their comment. I kind of like Lestrade’s interaction with Sherlock in The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor  for that, he’s at the butt of his jokes, but he’s constantly defending himself and it shows his frustration, resentment, energy, especially after his hard work, and it’s more real. Than just, ‘ooh snarky comment’ looooool and swish of the cape, magician’s dust, nah. Lestrade has a life too, dammit.

…what. Okay bye. Wait no, I’ve also felt the imaginary burden of recording these dramatic events lessened by my sister recording everything exactly as she perceived it, with my answering her questions about the time and such, in ms notepad. She might put it in her blog. Apparently, as she said at the time, in case they ask her about it in court xD I don’t know how a typical divorce goes, because my parent’s wasn’t typical, from what I hear, but this sort of comment would probably have been understandable for their’s. Maybe for a messy one, it was. She also wanted to do so when it was fresh in her mind….it was the morning after…..I woke up and had this dynamite of marriage drama explode in my face, it was completely unexpected. Then again, it usually is, with them. Or maybe it’s with my dad….I somehow just walk into it….

dot dot dot! I know it’s called an elipsies! Okay bye, I hear someone mentioning upstairs/my-location. K, bye.

TV Convo with Sister who we shall henceforth call Merk

7 Jul
Sister (watching tv): Good thing he doesn’t live in [city-of-my-university]! (dies laughing)
Me: What?
Sister (laughing): He lives in [city-of-my-university] and his dad said he’d be right there and drove. It took him 5 minutes! If it was us it would’ve taken 4 hours! You’d be dead! HAHAHAAHAHA
Sister: you could’ve just asked nicely…
Me: …I already said this yesterday!
Sister: [dies] Omg I was about to say ‘my bad’
Me: Haha I hadn’t even said it to you.
Me: Shut. Up.
Sister: Noooo you need to watch it. It’s good! I’ve watched it twice now!
Me: NO.

From my facebook:

Merk just called a TV announcer a skank because she thinks his delivery is too fake.
-July 07, 2012 11:03AM BIO.HD (ch.266 directTV in [city, state])

[these are follow up comments I made xD]

  • ‎”are you telling people…?”
  •  ‎”That’s so….dumb. I’m going to record it. I want to laugh at them”
  • “Oh this is going to be funny”

Merk (looking at an old picture): “Look at Zim when he was bald. There’s Roberto when he had beautiful eyes. And there’s Salman.”
Me: …what happened to Roberto’s eyes?


I don’t know why it won’t let me just press enter where  I want….>_>