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So this is hilarious and slightly ironic

11 Feb

I’ve been diagnosed with ADD (or ADHD-PI, I’m assuming).

Ha ha ha.

Maybe I should just keep my old posts then.

I guess I don’t have to change my blog title.


Good going teenage self, you’re funny.

I started this blog at 16, and now I’m 20, so we can see the difference then.

I’ve bought an ADHD planner (though the binding had sort of broken, but I’m too impatient to return). It’s really nice other than that. Maybe I’ll hot glue it down.

I want to hide these old embarrassing posts but if I keep it up it’d be cool too, just cause you can see how desperate I was back then. But then ajakfhkjsgh.

What makes this even funnier is that I’d first typed myself as an ENFP. This has all been very sudden and explains nearly everything weird about me. OHHH KNEW I WAS DIFFERENT WHICH MEANS SPECIAL WHICH MEANS I’M SPECIAL what, and the obsessive psychoanalyzing myself until now – I wasn’t even wrong, except with the wondering what the hell was wrong with my motivation. It was never a motivation problem, you don’t cry yourself to sleep at night wondering why you’re not motivated enough to get through a chapter of a subject you actually like and isn’t hard to understand, you know? It’s a focusing problem. So I’m 80% less depressed now. It was an amazing feeling. BUT MY GOD FINDING HELP, JESUS, TOOK ME A MONTH. I felt every rejection and roadbump like a knife. Bad enough I had to ask for it, bblehhh.

So all is good, well is life, on we go. I might add more to this later, lots of things.

3 Sep

I’m Ne and not Ni OTL

So INFJ is impossible for me.

/tears /the struggle of finding yourself in MBTI hahaha

I feel like ENTP, but I can also be ENFP or INTP

Funny enough when I put this blog in this blog-mbti-analyzer thing, I got ENFP “The performer” quiet a lot.

And the TvTropes page for MBTI helped me understand a lot too.

I think I am P though….I wait too long for more and more data to come in, partly out of uncertainty. I can’t act without collecting all the data first usually…..with important things at least. Procrastinate – YOUR LIFE! >8D


I wonder if Roberto is an ITP or ISJ child. hummm. He’s so quiet too. I think maybe ISJ……? This part makes me laugh from the Portrait of the ISJ Child:

ISJs are very in tune with their bodies, and very aware of their bodily needs. They want regular sleep and meals, and will become unsettled quickly if they suffer in want of sleep or food. They will usually go to bed cheerfully without fussing. Parents of an ISJ should make sure that the ISJ can keep a consistent schedule for food and sleep.

why is that bold idk. I’m tired bye.

I like that Darcy/Elizabeth = INTJ/INFJ okay bye.

That Myers-Briggs thing – Two years later

7 Jul

I still fluctuate a lot from INTP to INFP, but more often it’s INFP I think.

Well, no, since I still think someone who switches that much, possibly depending on mood, would probably be INFP, I might just be….

Well….I don’t know how IN_P works, but those have been consistent. I could switch from Feeling to Thinking based on my mood, but shouldn’t at least Introverted and Extroverted switch just as much…? They vary in percentage but never in the final result. You could consider yourself social depending on your mood. Or maybe the answer choices for the questions given to determine F/T are a bit more prone to being influenced by emotions….

That sentence doesn’t make sense.

How are answer choices influenced by emotions?

It’s the people picking the answers.

How do I structure that so I can say when people pick the answers for those questions, they are more easily influenced by emotions, because the nature of the questions especially since it’s discussing whether you use feeling more…..if that even makes logical sense. Not loosely intuitive, just plain logical.

I wonder if I’m actually J not P. I talk and think like P, but…ah those weird cognitive…ones…in MB-tests. I don’t get how they work. Fucking magnets. I feel like I learn better with S too, but it could be…underdeveloped so I end up just relying on N….however that works, really.

edit: That new (since 2010) left sidebar confuses me but I love the quotes. WordPress loves it’s bloggers/readers ;_;
Anyway I wanted to put this quote here:

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” Blaise Pascal

Like how I made a twitter and hated the character limit, and then saw a tweet that said “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Oh weird, she has the same last name as that legacy sim I tried before I lost the disc xD. ehhh how do I do strikethrough…xD hahaha


Myers-Briggs- Thinking/Feeling alternating XDDD

31 May

If you know about that one personality test with 16 results – you can get ESTJ or INFP [Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging/Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving].

I keep alternating from Thinking to Feeling based on my mood XDDD…;;; Over the years I mean P: I’ve been taking it since middle school and then I started taking it by my own initiative, online. In high school it became IN_P [set in stone, werd, though the Introverted part also becomes a higher or lower percentage sometimes, based on my mood]. But Feeling and Thinking usually switch percentages [if you’re 40% introverted, on sites with graph-types it shows you’re 60% extraverted]. On that popular site -.- where you can make like small banners and stuff with your results – mypersonality.info – (for siggys or profiles etc) this is what I got last time:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Thinking

84%- Perceiving

= (Engineer/Intellectual) or “Architect/Rationals” according to some person.

The time before that, everything was the exact same percentage except for Thinking, where the percentages about swapped with Feeling. I think it may have been a percentage or two off, I don’t remember. =_= So…uh…obligatory list:

84% – Introverted

74% -Intuitive

83% – Feeling [about]

84%- Perceiving

=(Dreamer/Visionaries) “Healer/Idealist” – hehe also known as the Fairytale Prince/Princess.

I took it again today and got:

89% – Introverted

74% – Intuitive

63% – Thinking

79 – Perceiving

INTP again. =__=

So I think it might be starting to balance off – or I’m in a balanced sorta mood. Though if I keep switching from T to F etc based on my mood, I’m probably an INFP anyway (HAH). Either way both personality types are super rare BWAHAHAHA, both are like 2% if the population, hehehe. I heard someone say that your preferences don’t become set until you’re like 21 or 23 or something, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Anyway the moral of the story is Meez is bipolar or has some sorta split personality issue in every part of her personality. To be honest, it makes more sense if I’m INFP cause I daydream all the time and I’m not really an intellectual -.-;;. But at the same time I’m not very sensitive or ‘healer-iffic’ either, or emotional/empathetic – I’m more with ze mind POV when it comes to emotions.

Ya, take it here:

http://www.mypersonality.info za best.

[Or blogthings, its quicker….I took it there first and got those same results.


Tell me what you get!! >:)