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Okay done editing this blog and such

7 Jul

I went over my schedule but it’s kind of OK because I cooked a bunch of food for breakfast (took two days or so) and my stepmom made a bunch of delicious lasagna and so no lunch or dinner to make, and I feel like they support me sleeping early and all that. Dishes yeah, but that’s it.*

I tried to update my brothers’ laptop last night because it’s been acting up in a bad way and apparently it’s a common thing with the inspiron so CHEAP BASTARDS and now it froze MID-UPDATE AND THAT IS BAD THAT IS REALLY BAD if I turn it off bad things will happen so it’s been on since last-night but they have warranty…..I hope they can exchange it.

*Yeah I know. hahahaha that is not following a schedule or taking advantage of the extra time you are lucky to have. I will make a powerpoint now for the drivers ed. And go outside! It looks warmer….

I think I’m kind of free today. Yaaay 🙂

edit: “I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice” Geez. I hope there’s a wordpress for these quotes.


That Myers-Briggs thing – Two years later

7 Jul

I still fluctuate a lot from INTP to INFP, but more often it’s INFP I think.

Well, no, since I still think someone who switches that much, possibly depending on mood, would probably be INFP, I might just be….

Well….I don’t know how IN_P works, but those have been consistent. I could switch from Feeling to Thinking based on my mood, but shouldn’t at least Introverted and Extroverted switch just as much…? They vary in percentage but never in the final result. You could consider yourself social depending on your mood. Or maybe the answer choices for the questions given to determine F/T are a bit more prone to being influenced by emotions….

That sentence doesn’t make sense.

How are answer choices influenced by emotions?

It’s the people picking the answers.

How do I structure that so I can say when people pick the answers for those questions, they are more easily influenced by emotions, because the nature of the questions especially since it’s discussing whether you use feeling more…..if that even makes logical sense. Not loosely intuitive, just plain logical.

I wonder if I’m actually J not P. I talk and think like P, but…ah those weird cognitive…ones…in MB-tests. I don’t get how they work. Fucking magnets. I feel like I learn better with S too, but it could be…underdeveloped so I end up just relying on N….however that works, really.

edit: That new (since 2010) left sidebar confuses me but I love the quotes. WordPress loves it’s bloggers/readers ;_;
Anyway I wanted to put this quote here:

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” Blaise Pascal

Like how I made a twitter and hated the character limit, and then saw a tweet that said “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

Oh weird, she has the same last name as that legacy sim I tried before I lost the disc xD. ehhh how do I do strikethrough…xD hahaha


Convo-Quotes>> July 22

22 Jul

>>6 Year old brother: If you have gray teeth, will the tooth fairy give you gray dollars?

>>3 Year old brother: ♪ What to do, what to do? ♪ *pulls shirt* Do, what to do.

>>Sister: You just give a new meaning to the word weird.

Me: Really?? 😀 :O ♥

Sister:….o_o…It just gets weirder and weird. -_-

Now we’re watching an infomercial on one of those hair-styling and heating iron…things. (for the record, my favorite Infomercial is the Magic Bullet thing, but the ones we bought actually burned out after a couple of months.)

Sister: WOOOOOW…:D ♥

Me: Why do you want white people hair? Our hair defies gravity. It reaches up towards the sky because that’s how much potential we have. XD

Sister: Woooow….

Me: Are you listening to me? -_-

Sister: Yeah I heard you, now shuttup. 😀

Sister: It does work, I’m watching it right now, that girl’s hair was tough too!

Me: No…they probably used a..special shampoo or something.

Sister: No.

Me: But she wasn’t even African. Our hair is…wild.

Sister: Shuttup.

Me: It’s alive. Her’s isn’t alive, it didn’t even fight back.

Sister: *siiiigh*


Ok, my sister is angry at me. She wants to sleep now, and it’s 1 AM.

Man. I keep coming back. At least you don’t have to worry about me not being committed to this blog. :\

Sister: Useless…mongoose. (mumbles)

I haven’t even finished Hamlet yet. By the way, Shakespeare is haard. I think it’s one of those things that makes more sense each time you read it. And look stuff up online.

Sister: I will get you back for this. I will have my revenge. You hear me?

Me: Mmhmm.

Sister: You will…Rue! You will rue this day….I hate that stupid keyboard. 

Anyways…Hopefully..for me…I don’t come back tomorrow. But I need to help someone with homework tonight….So…I am going to…be on this computer..tonight. @_@

Yep. I feel like I should be saying something else, but I can’t think of anything/it. So…okay, bye.

And I’m naming the mysterious voter, Hanky, temporarily. Until I can think of something better. I hope it doesn’t stick though.

Hehehe, just wait until I upload a picture. Bwahahahhaha…..