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Left-Handed Chronicles: 1

15 Jul

As I write on this bench, my legs grass’ floor, the thought occurs to me, of which I hasten to say more. This shaky thriller’s pen impedes me a bit, though with breath and experience, I may correct the tilt. Ho!, though, Woah! though, as I remember to meditate, but no, Oh, Lo, so, no one is at the gate; and I must refuse my breath it’s bait…for your’s and clarity’s sake.
I see shadows and suspicion, may well be by own natural disposition, paranoia my hateful friend, cousin to a neurotic affliction – A flick of the wrist, a glare of hers and his and my mind creates the competition – A step ‘pon a step, a creak or a click, my mind will generate a thousand boundless dystopic conclusions.

Because hop, skip,

hop, skip,

hop, skip,




15 Oct

Instead of having ‘answers’ on a math test, they should just call them ‘impressions’ and it you got a different ‘impression’ so what, can’t we all be brothers?

act like everyone is your brother and sister, or maybe an estranged one or one who thinks very differently than you – so if they’re family, treat them as such, not crazy strangers

sister: “everyone’s always looking at the door to see who it is”


sleep dreams lala land spiritual spirit geos off window and goes to a different uplaceniverse for a break from the boyd emotionally physciallt mentallly


take everything for granted but we still respect the time

Suddenly! – Super Amateur Poetry!

4 Nov

Right, this is a super long Haiku! AHAHHAHAHHHAHA! I kept seeing poems about stuff like the darkness and evil one day and it was getting boring, so I switched it up.

title: sick of stupid cliche poems of darkness being evil; it’s damn consistant and enduring/lawl

there is comfort here
the darkness is not a threat
it is your blanket>when the light goes out

darkness is quick to replace

Flies on loyal wings

>It is feared for it

though it’s the light that failed you

which is hated more?

>be like the darkness

Enduring, Loyal, Peaceful

Light has many foes

>Darkness has but one

Is submissive, yet patient

Don’t struggle – accept

>The light is a fool

Its materialistic

Collects many forms

>Do you remember

Who the angel of light is?

Where does your trust lie?

>In the beginning

There was nothing but the word

And that was enough

>Black is the abscence

What do you see when it’s dark?

For what do you pray?

>The light in your heart

Is of a different grade*

Don’t rely on eyes.

>can the seer see?

the apprentice of darkness

understands the truth

>When the light is there

You witness death and despair

The darkness brings peace

Then I realized that it could also be seen as ignorance and cowardice – hiding from the truth of the world and reality by taking solace in the darkness that hides all ugliness – but subsequently beauty and good things too. But I could see the darkness as a mother in that sense, shielding you from the bad things and always being there for you. Yin and Yang works here then, maybe? I don’t know much about it. And the * part – I got the ‘different grade’ phrase from Skip-Beat. Hehe, a japanese manga taught me english – of course, it was translated, but still…X3 Anywayz, this is something I made one night, the end. I was trying to convince myself too I think?

Sims 3, Pass-it-on Story Game?

12 Sep

I had an idea….here is how it happened:



Okay, here it is. There’s this Sim or a Sim family or something, and a bunch or a few RL Simmers get together online, and decide to play the game to a certain point, and somehow pass it on to the next Simmer, and they get to play and pass it on to the next simmer, and etc. Maybe the limit is a day. If the group is sort of big, they could make the lifespan a little longer, or if they want to give everyone a longer limit. 😀

The person could play the family or lead the story anyway they wanted, and be as hands-on or -off as possible. It’d be cool because everyone would use a different tone, and annoy each other as much as possible (joke). For example, if this was a love-triangle story and two Simmers preferred the Sim to have certain relationship but with different people, or if this wasn’t a romance story and a Simmer happened to keep swaying that way.

There could be exceptions though….If marriage seems to be too big a choice for one Simmer to make….maybe it could be decided by a vote of the Simmers or the readers…or both. Or it could be as free-wheelin’ as possible.

If this is a competition with no votes, the Simmers could do a sabotage for the story plot (one person or a team conspiracy – hehe, I’d prefer it to be announced in some way though – none of this sneaky business..) and decide to make the Sim have a career in blah or marry someone the others or a person doesn’t want the Sim to marry (and the limit per Simmer is a day, right?). But it’d be in good humor, mu-ha-ha-ha. o_o

Lol, I can imagine my sister and me making the person get divorced, or switch jobs everyday, and eventually someone snaps and kills the sim…but the other person would find out by reading it + screenshots. HAHAHHAHAHA! And if they were self-sims! HAHAHHAHAHAHHHAA! Omigosh, omigosh, X’D

Another form of competition (^^) could be to have each person make a Sim and put them in the neighborhood (oh snap, I just realized something), and make the other Sim being played try to end up with your person or something. Or each Simmer outlines a story plot they’ll [initially, at least] try to follow and sees what happens to the Sim. And on WordPress, multiple…accounts can own one blog…eh….together…ly….Co-authors? Whatever! (quitter -_-).

About the whole killing the lead-sim thing….maybe that wouldn’t be allowed (purposely) until the Sim had a family. Or maybe if it happened accidentally….no save it? But it wouldn’t be as legit that way. Poor, poor Simmer. hehehe…

So, the thing I realized – would we have to send neighborhoods?! Like E-mail?! Wot?! Cause the family only- that would not work – story-line wise! Skra! Snaps, those techie probs. Unless you just made it fit as best as you could, hehe. Maybe no emailing required then…? Or still yes. Since….Meh. Here is where the knitted sweater that is my plan becomes un-done. And it was starting to look so vibrant and shiny too. Oh well. (Narcissist?)

This whole thing is sort of how like when you were a kid playing “pretend” with other kids, and you just went with the flow….Or maybe ended up fighting, but usually it worked out O.K.

In the blog titles, it could be like: “Meezletoe – Miki Meets Bagleboy.”…Baglebot. OO SCIFI TWIST, OH GOSH I WANT TO DO THIS, IT’D BE HILARIOUS! I just remembered something similar that happened in Creative Writing last year (semester class). We had different genres or themes (mine was, augh, romance, I believe. I wept bitterly, but I still forced my insane voice onto it…I should put the story here :D), and we had a group with the other themes (sci-fi, drama, adventure maybe, it’s a blur).

So, that’d be interesting.


…Hey, I think I’ll send this around….Just to let it get some publicity, in case it has good-idea potential and someone out there wants to do this. Unless this idea has already been inventor-ed. ^^

2-Chapters Update on Sim Story

29 Jul

Don’t get used to it. ♥

Ehhh…Yeah, I haven’t played Sims much this week, so you guys are catching up with the game, which is not good.

So this weekend I should play a some more.


Eeeew….Augh! I’m getting so annoyed with…this!

In English we read/analyzed a poem, and it’s drilling a hole into my cerebrum! >:O I am not exaggurating.

I’ll show the wound to you someday, just not now.

Here’s the poem:


Also, I figured out how to download Sims 3 hairs and other stuff from places like Peggy Zone and Mod the Sims. And TSR, whose products, after I had heard all the evil rumors about spyware and stuff, I promptly unistalled…except for this dress that was…I dunno, something about mesh. Ask me about it and I’ll tell you. I feel bad for TSR though. NO, DON’T TOUCH US, YOU GIVE US VIRUSES! NOOO, PLEASE COME BACK!! NEVER! WE’RE NOT GONNA PLAY WITH YOU ANYMORE! WE’RE GONNA GIVE BACK ALL THE STUFF* YOU GAVE US BECAUSE THEY HAVE GERMS! WAAAAAGHHH…

Anyways, I figured out what I was doing wrong thanks to this wonderful tutorial :’) [Mod the Sims People are Beautiful People]:


I didn’t do the Installer Monkey, but I installed that WinRar thing and made sure to follow the 4th step. Really though, that thing sort of woke me up.

 *I’dve said ‘thrown away’ or ‘burned,’ but I sort of compared it to deleting it off of their site. Then I thought, we don’t give them back downloads either, but the other thought was, like, WHUMPUH WHUMPUH WHUMPUH! So, I surrendered.

And I do have a thought-process. XD Some people think I’m really random, but I spend some time thinking about stuff before I say it, so it isn’t random in my head. At home, when they get confused by a random statement, I point to my head and say “Don’t worry, it makes sense in here.” and sometimes I explain the process in how I reached that random thought/statement.
Not that it makes them any less surprised or makes them think I’m any less weird, but I think it eases their mind somehow (one less mystery in their life), because they get back to what they’re doing and call me stupid [with a sorta amused-ish smile], or roll their eyes, or say “okaay :)” or something similar.

SisBro Convo-Quote

19 Jul

(brother tells or asks sister about somehing he’s going to do. I didn’t hear it.)

Sister: Go ahead. DO IT.

8-Year Old Brother: You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?


My sister was using a sort of disinterested, monotone, but possbly threatning voice while she was texting.

I think my brother is finally catching on. 😮 (btw, that was a real question).