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Return to Emerald Harbor – New Sims 3 Story

1 Nov


It’s Reeevolluuuutionary.

And to celebrate the two months of group preparation (of which even irresponsible Meez was a part of), I have edited this screenshot of Emerald Harbor as it looked when it was declared habitable again:

~You’ve been invited~

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA, SORRY, SORRY, I COULDN’T HELP SOUNDING CREEPY LIKE THAT, IT WAS TOO APPEALING AN OPPORTUNITY! Just click it, it’s an interesting Sims 3 experiment, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time anyone’s done something like this with the Sims. You won’t regret it ;). ♥ Hope you read our story, we worked hard on it. 😀

As further inducement, here’s who’s involved in this experiment, and their resumes:


Sims 3, Pass-it-on Story Game?

12 Sep

I had an idea….here is how it happened:



Okay, here it is. There’s this Sim or a Sim family or something, and a bunch or a few RL Simmers get together online, and decide to play the game to a certain point, and somehow pass it on to the next Simmer, and they get to play and pass it on to the next simmer, and etc. Maybe the limit is a day. If the group is sort of big, they could make the lifespan a little longer, or if they want to give everyone a longer limit. 😀

The person could play the family or lead the story anyway they wanted, and be as hands-on or -off as possible. It’d be cool because everyone would use a different tone, and annoy each other as much as possible (joke). For example, if this was a love-triangle story and two Simmers preferred the Sim to have certain relationship but with different people, or if this wasn’t a romance story and a Simmer happened to keep swaying that way.

There could be exceptions though….If marriage seems to be too big a choice for one Simmer to make….maybe it could be decided by a vote of the Simmers or the readers…or both. Or it could be as free-wheelin’ as possible.

If this is a competition with no votes, the Simmers could do a sabotage for the story plot (one person or a team conspiracy – hehe, I’d prefer it to be announced in some way though – none of this sneaky business..) and decide to make the Sim have a career in blah or marry someone the others or a person doesn’t want the Sim to marry (and the limit per Simmer is a day, right?). But it’d be in good humor, mu-ha-ha-ha. o_o

Lol, I can imagine my sister and me making the person get divorced, or switch jobs everyday, and eventually someone snaps and kills the sim…but the other person would find out by reading it + screenshots. HAHAHHAHAHA! And if they were self-sims! HAHAHHAHAHAHHHAA! Omigosh, omigosh, X’D

Another form of competition (^^) could be to have each person make a Sim and put them in the neighborhood (oh snap, I just realized something), and make the other Sim being played try to end up with your person or something. Or each Simmer outlines a story plot they’ll [initially, at least] try to follow and sees what happens to the Sim. And on WordPress, multiple…accounts can own one blog…eh….together…ly….Co-authors? Whatever! (quitter -_-).

About the whole killing the lead-sim thing….maybe that wouldn’t be allowed (purposely) until the Sim had a family. Or maybe if it happened accidentally….no save it? But it wouldn’t be as legit that way. Poor, poor Simmer. hehehe…

So, the thing I realized – would we have to send neighborhoods?! Like E-mail?! Wot?! Cause the family only- that would not work – story-line wise! Skra! Snaps, those techie probs. Unless you just made it fit as best as you could, hehe. Maybe no emailing required then…? Or still yes. Since….Meh. Here is where the knitted sweater that is my plan becomes un-done. And it was starting to look so vibrant and shiny too. Oh well. (Narcissist?)

This whole thing is sort of how like when you were a kid playing “pretend” with other kids, and you just went with the flow….Or maybe ended up fighting, but usually it worked out O.K.

In the blog titles, it could be like: “Meezletoe – Miki Meets Bagleboy.”…Baglebot. OO SCIFI TWIST, OH GOSH I WANT TO DO THIS, IT’D BE HILARIOUS! I just remembered something similar that happened in Creative Writing last year (semester class). We had different genres or themes (mine was, augh, romance, I believe. I wept bitterly, but I still forced my insane voice onto it…I should put the story here :D), and we had a group with the other themes (sci-fi, drama, adventure maybe, it’s a blur).

So, that’d be interesting.


…Hey, I think I’ll send this around….Just to let it get some publicity, in case it has good-idea potential and someone out there wants to do this. Unless this idea has already been inventor-ed. ^^

Party Time?

24 Aug




 What?! A children’s book?! Seriously?!!

Meezeletoe-Sim: Reading children’s books are fun!!

Me: (secretly agrees with sim)

 She certainly seems to be enjoying herself though, eh?

 By the way, while my sim is having the most epic home-alone night since the invention of the suburbian Teen, Kriss decided to stop by at the gym before heading off to the Art Museum.

And I love the interior decorating.


 Gosh, please do something interesting!! ><

 NOOOO, COME ON, PLEASE DON’T!! Screw this!! Watching Kriss has gotta be more interesting!!


 Kriss: Ooo, bubbles!! 😀

/facepalm D’X

Odd Small-Talk

15 Aug

I sucked it up and and decided to break the news about my new job.

At first, Kriss seemed…less than enthusiastic. ^^; I was worried she might not think it was a good idea.

But then she started talking about how she used to work in a Bookstore when she was a teen.

Me: No way?!

Kriss: Yeah, they fired me after they found out I was the one setting the toilet paper on fire. Jerks.

Me:  Hahaha….Yeah, I’m deadly afraid of  bookshelves.

Me: Really, I am.

After that, Kriss decided to go to the Art Museum.

But I didn’t feel lonely.

After all, I had the whole house to myself. 😎



9 Aug

♪ *humm-diddly-dumm* ♫


Oh look. I’m home.


Oh, thy glare stings like the pain of a thousand needles pinpricking my sorry heart. 

 Kriss: What do you want? -_-




 Me: No, no, no!!! Don’t get all angsty on me now, you can do this! Small talk! SMALL TALK!! XO


Small talk? 😥


Me: WHAT IS THIS REACTION?! XO I even refrained from putting loner as a trait and she’s still getting nervous?!?!

*starts crying too*

Job? Check!

4 Aug

Screenshot-39.jpg picture by Frazz72

Aha. My Sim’s just finished applying for a job.

Screenshot-40.jpg picture by Frazz72

Well, how did it go?? 😀

Overly Smug Sim: “Nailed it.” 🙂

Screenshot-41.jpg picture by Frazz72

She’s feeling a bit jittery and nervous…

…but at the same time, very excited.

She’s so excited, in fact, that she wants to tell the good news to Kriss, who’s on her way to the gym.

Perhaps this will be a way to bond with Kriss? After all, they hadn’t interacted much since they bought the house.

I start heading to the gym – I could just go home, but I’m the type of person who gets excited when they get to go anywhere, so I take advantage of the opportunity.

However, while my sim is still on the road, KRISS for some reason ends up going home. Here she is trying to explain it to me.

But eventually she just gives up and decides to read the newspaper.

Played Sims today

2 Aug

I played my Self-Sim Story today, because I get uneasy when you guys catch up to me. XD I want to have an idea of what I’m doing (that is, I want to be a step ahead of you guys, as the narrator).
Yeah…anyways, I have enough pics for about 8 chapters? Or maybe I should make them longer than usual? I don’t really know how long I usually make them anyways….
Well, anyways, I’m up to date. I got some nice feedback from some people, so I appreciate that. Feel free to comment…anything. XD

Also, I’m in school – just so you know. This was my first week. :O