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Convo-Quotes>> July 22

22 Jul

>>6 Year old brother: If you have gray teeth, will the tooth fairy give you gray dollars?

>>3 Year old brother: ♪ What to do, what to do? ♪ *pulls shirt* Do, what to do.

>>Sister: You just give a new meaning to the word weird.

Me: Really?? 😀 :O ♥

Sister:….o_o…It just gets weirder and weird. -_-

Now we’re watching an infomercial on one of those hair-styling and heating iron…things. (for the record, my favorite Infomercial is the Magic Bullet thing, but the ones we bought actually burned out after a couple of months.)

Sister: WOOOOOW…:D ♥

Me: Why do you want white people hair? Our hair defies gravity. It reaches up towards the sky because that’s how much potential we have. XD

Sister: Woooow….

Me: Are you listening to me? -_-

Sister: Yeah I heard you, now shuttup. 😀

Sister: It does work, I’m watching it right now, that girl’s hair was tough too!

Me: No…they probably used a..special shampoo or something.

Sister: No.

Me: But she wasn’t even African. Our hair is…wild.

Sister: Shuttup.

Me: It’s alive. Her’s isn’t alive, it didn’t even fight back.

Sister: *siiiigh*


Ok, my sister is angry at me. She wants to sleep now, and it’s 1 AM.

Man. I keep coming back. At least you don’t have to worry about me not being committed to this blog. :\

Sister: Useless…mongoose. (mumbles)

I haven’t even finished Hamlet yet. By the way, Shakespeare is haard. I think it’s one of those things that makes more sense each time you read it. And look stuff up online.

Sister: I will get you back for this. I will have my revenge. You hear me?

Me: Mmhmm.

Sister: You will…Rue! You will rue this day….I hate that stupid keyboard. 

Anyways…Hopefully..for me…I don’t come back tomorrow. But I need to help someone with homework tonight….So…I am going to…be on this computer..tonight. @_@

Yep. I feel like I should be saying something else, but I can’t think of anything/it. So…okay, bye.

And I’m naming the mysterious voter, Hanky, temporarily. Until I can think of something better. I hope it doesn’t stick though.

Hehehe, just wait until I upload a picture. Bwahahahhaha…..