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1 Aug

hahahah sorry

Ok….I’m not too hyper so probably I won’t be ranting right now 🙂 Not in that sorta energetic mood XD

So I changed my About page and made some posts that bugged me not public and CHANGED THE LAYOUT OOOOOH SNAP XDDD, so yes. So I won’t be making a new blog at all. The current theme though is sorta on probation until it feels right. The other one felt more like my blog since I got used to it [even in the beginning, I got used to it fast].

Ehh…yeah. I’ll probably post pictures and stuff here in the future. Idk.

Weird mood.

Ok bye. Here’s a picture of a hamster to compensate for the short page:


Played Sims today

2 Aug

I played my Self-Sim Story today, because I get uneasy when you guys catch up to me. XD I want to have an idea of what I’m doing (that is, I want to be a step ahead of you guys, as the narrator).
Yeah…anyways, I have enough pics for about 8 chapters? Or maybe I should make them longer than usual? I don’t really know how long I usually make them anyways….
Well, anyways, I’m up to date. I got some nice feedback from some people, so I appreciate that. Feel free to comment…anything. XD

Also, I’m in school – just so you know. This was my first week. :O

2-Chapters Update on Sim Story

29 Jul

Don’t get used to it. ♥

Ehhh…Yeah, I haven’t played Sims much this week, so you guys are catching up with the game, which is not good.

So this weekend I should play a some more.


Eeeew….Augh! I’m getting so annoyed with…this!

In English we read/analyzed a poem, and it’s drilling a hole into my cerebrum! >:O I am not exaggurating.

I’ll show the wound to you someday, just not now.

Here’s the poem:


Also, I figured out how to download Sims 3 hairs and other stuff from places like Peggy Zone and Mod the Sims. And TSR, whose products, after I had heard all the evil rumors about spyware and stuff, I promptly unistalled…except for this dress that was…I dunno, something about mesh. Ask me about it and I’ll tell you. I feel bad for TSR though. NO, DON’T TOUCH US, YOU GIVE US VIRUSES! NOOO, PLEASE COME BACK!! NEVER! WE’RE NOT GONNA PLAY WITH YOU ANYMORE! WE’RE GONNA GIVE BACK ALL THE STUFF* YOU GAVE US BECAUSE THEY HAVE GERMS! WAAAAAGHHH…

Anyways, I figured out what I was doing wrong thanks to this wonderful tutorial :’) [Mod the Sims People are Beautiful People]:


I didn’t do the Installer Monkey, but I installed that WinRar thing and made sure to follow the 4th step. Really though, that thing sort of woke me up.

 *I’dve said ‘thrown away’ or ‘burned,’ but I sort of compared it to deleting it off of their site. Then I thought, we don’t give them back downloads either, but the other thought was, like, WHUMPUH WHUMPUH WHUMPUH! So, I surrendered.

And I do have a thought-process. XD Some people think I’m really random, but I spend some time thinking about stuff before I say it, so it isn’t random in my head. At home, when they get confused by a random statement, I point to my head and say “Don’t worry, it makes sense in here.” and sometimes I explain the process in how I reached that random thought/statement.
Not that it makes them any less surprised or makes them think I’m any less weird, but I think it eases their mind somehow (one less mystery in their life), because they get back to what they’re doing and call me stupid [with a sorta amused-ish smile], or roll their eyes, or say “okaay :)” or something similar.